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A Cheap Refurbished iPhone

It's my daughter's birthday next week and I know what would make her happy, a new phone. She is currently using a Samsung Galaxy S3 with various hairline and major cracks and naturally the pre-teen is violently opposed to making use of the wonderful Android platform....
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Sagemcom Sixty 2 Designer Cordless

We just opened - here in our office - the new Sagemcom Sixty 2 as we were quite interested in how the phone worked and felt. To introduce the phone - it is a DECT cordless home phone with answermachine. That, of course, does not do it justice as this is a seriously...
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Getting Started with Nuisance Call Blocking

Protect Yourself from Nuisance Calls Nuisance calls are on the rise, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep them away, but home phones and broadband suppliers are fighting against them. BT have always been in the lead when it comes to Nuisance Call Blocking,...
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Mobile Market Shares

The last decade has seen a complete disruption of the mobile market. Bearing in mind that in 2002 Nokia and Motorola shared over 50% of the mobile market it has been a meteoric fall from grace for these two behemoths. So, how did the mobile phone market get disrupted?...
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Tech Spec to Consider in a Mobile

When buying a mobile phone, be it refurbished or new there are the usual forces that will push a shopper to choose the smartphone model such as brand loyalty, OS (operating system) loyalty or model upgrade. Many people will, hence will move from say iphone 6 to iphone...
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