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Some Home Telephone Choices

What are the main choices people have to make before choosing a home phone ? In some instances people like the simplicity of a corded telephone - one which sits on desktop and never needs charging, or looking for - it is ever present and ever ready for action. Some...
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Removing the Battery Cover Problems on Some BT Phones

Nearly all cordless phones are powered by Ni-Mh (Nickel Metal Hydride) removable batteries; the majority of these are the standard AA or AAA models with varying mAh power dependent on the model. What is there to know about batteries for cordless phones? They should...
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Choosing your Smartphone – IOS vs Android

When did Smartphones become so popular? We all know how much technology has grown, and Smartphones are no exception. In January of 2007, Steve Jobs, the chief executive of Apple, released the iPhone which was the most expensive but advanced Smartphone on the market at...
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Guide to Nuisance Call Blocking in BT Telephones

Ever since the home phone came into existence the nuisance call has been a fact - with the advent of IP telephony there has been a surge in recent years of unwanted calls from people either trying to con you out of money or to sell you something you most likely either...
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Our Mobile Phones

We had a chat around our office here to look at how we use our mobile phones. Now we don't expect that our usage will be so very different to that of the general consumer but anyway we did a little survey on the operating system, model, network and some other habits...
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