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BT Broadband Extender 200 Add-On

Quick Overview

The easiest way to hook up additional devices to your broadband via ethernet cables. No need to have a cable trailing across the floor from your SMART TV to your router. The BT Broadband Extender 200 Add-on.
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BT Broadband Extender 200 Add-On Full Specifications

BT Broadband Extender 200 Add-On

The BT Broadband Extender 200 Add-on lets you extend your broadband to anywhere in the home, offering you the ability to increase your broadband range.

This clever device allows you to use the home's power sockets to extend your broadband and is ideal for connecting your SMART TV or gaming via a ethernet cable. Simple and easy to use the Broadband Extender 200 Add-on need no configuration for a secure network, just simply take out the box and plug in.

The device gives you 200Mbps which is ample for online gaming, smooth HD/3D streaming and is also energy saving with its built-in power saving mode.

  • Uses your homes electrical wiring to extend your broadband network anywhere in the house
  • Works with all broadband providers
  • Up to 200 Mbps for smooth streaming
  • Secure network no configuration necessary
  • Works out of the box
  • Built-in power saving
  • Link with other HomePlug AV powerline adaptors
  • AV200 powerline technology
  • Compatible with AV500 technology devices

Free Shipping to Mainland UK Available