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Sagemcom F@ST Plug Wi-Fi Pack Plus

Quick Overview

Extend the range of your Wi-Fi around your home and enjoy the full broadband experience meaning Wi-Fi cold spots are a thing of the past.
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Sagemcom F@ST Plug Video Review

Sagemcom F@ST Plug Wi-Fi Pack Plus Full Specifications

WiFi Diagram

The Sagemcom F@ST PACK WIFI PLUS is a complete Powerline solution with Wi-Fi Extender and is is designed to work with any service provider to make sure everyone can make the most of their broadband around their home. Extend the range of your Wi-Fi around your home and enjoy the full broadband experience meaning Wi-Fi cold spots are a thing of the past.

Easy set up - No install necessary, just connect one to your router and plug this into one of your mains wall power sockets, then plug the other into another mains socket elsewhere in your house - wherever you want to create a strong WiFi spot, they are already paired and you will then create Wi-Fi coverage around your home in minutes.

There are also two Ethernet ports on the base of the WiFi plug, so you could also choose to connect via a cable to a device such as a Smart TV or printer. Say for example you position this plug behind your television - creating a WiFi bubble there, but you could then also physically connect a cable to a device such as a games console AND a Smart TV for maximising your connection speed.

Ideal for connection of Smartphones or tablets all around the house and streaming, gaming, TV, file sharing and other devices over Wi-Fi.

Sagemcom F@ST PACK has a contemporary white finish blending it in front of any power outlet.

How Power-line Networking Works - Power-line networking is a way to connect computers etc in your home. It uses the electrical wiring in your house to create a network. Power-line networking is based on the concept of "no new wires." The convenience is even more obvious because while not every room has a phone jack, you will always have an electrical outlet. Because it requires no new wiring, and the network adds no cost to your electric bill, power-line networking is the cheapest method of connecting computers etc in different rooms. The Powerline connection works by transmitting data through the electrical wires between the two adaptors so you will need at least two powerline plugs connected with one adaptor connected to your router and the other adaptor plugs into a power socket in a far room and your network signal is transmitted from the adaptor connected to the router to the other adaptor via your electrical wiring. Therefore this twin pack design is ideal for new users establishing their first PLC network or experienced users intent on expanding their networks.

Set up is hassle free and completed within minutes complete with 128-bit AES encryption for network security.

Sagemcom F@st Plug WiFi Pack Features

  • Complete Wi-Fi starter pack to provide Wi-Fi from an existing router or cure Wi-Fi weak spots
  • Works with all internet service providers and access boxes
  • Easy set up to give Wi-Fi coverage from your existing broadband
  • Connection of Smartphone or tablet anywhere in the house
  • Streaming, Gaming, TV, file sharing and other devices over Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Home Plug AV
  • IEEE 1901
  • Eup regulation 1275 / 2008
  • Auto MDI / MDI-X
  • PLC data transmission rate: 500Mbps
  • WiFi data transmission rate: 300Mbps
  • 2+1 Ethernet Ports
  • 1 Additional socket with integrated noise filter
  • Quality of service management
  • 128-bit AES Link Encryption with key management
  • Power Management

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