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Spare Digital Cordless Answer Phone Base Station For BT Freelance XT3500

Quick Overview

Spare base station for BT Freelance XT3500 Digital Cordless Phone, this is for the base ONLY.
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Spare Digital Cordless Answer Phone Base Station For BT Freelance XT3500 Full Specifications

Spare Base Station Only

Please note that this is just a base station ONLY as is used to replace the base from a BT Freelance XT3500 Digital Cordless Answer Phone.

When you need to replace the base station on your BT Freelance XT3500 Digital Cordless Answer Phone you will need to re-register the handsets to the base station to enable them to work. You will first need to de-register the handsets from the old base station, and then re-register to the new base station.

De-registering handsets from the BT Freelance XT3500 base station:

  • Press Menu, scroll CallsRedial to ADVANCED SET and press Menu.
  • Scroll CallsRedial to DE-REGISTER and press Menu.
  • Enter the master PIN code (default setting: 0000) and press Menu.
  • A list of available handset numbers is displayed. Enter the number of the handset you want to de-register.
  • Press Menu to confirm or Secrecyto cancel. You will hear a long confirmation beep to indicate de-registration was successful.

Registration Procedure

This is a quick and simple Registration Procedure for the BT Freelance XT3500 handset. This is just a guide, please refer to user guide for more details

  • On The Base: Press and hold the Find button for 5 seconds until you hear a beep. You now have 60 seconds to register the handset.
  • Now the Handset: Press the menu button then redial or calls button to ADVANCED SET and press Menu
  • If the handset has previously been registered to another base it will show REGISTRATION. If the handset has not previously been registered to a base it will show UNREGISTERED, press Menu
  • Enter the 4-digit master PIN (default setting=0000) and press Menu. The display flashes please wait. If you dont enter the PIN code within 30 seconds, the registration process will be aborted.
  • The handset will be automatically assigned the first available handset number, e.g. 2, 3, 4 or 5. You will hear a beep. The handset is now registered.

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