It’s my daughter’s birthday next week and I know what would make her happy, a new phone. She is currently using a Samsung Galaxy S3 with various hairline and major cracks and naturally the pre-teen is violently opposed to making use of the wonderful Android platform. I use Android myself and I hear from the kids that Apps like Snapchat are better on IOS, and seeing as they are on Snapchat 24/7 it seemed only fair to reward her quite lovely nature with a new, well – refurbished iPhone.

New iPhone 5s

Refurbished iPhone 5s

And why, you may ask, am I buying a refurbished iPhone – and a 5S at that for my beloved – well – it is like this : kids carry their phones everywhere, they look at them the whole time and they do drop them, and as we all know, a dropped iPhone, even dropped a foot onto soft carpet they crack up to a spiderweb of sadness all over.

So the thought of spending £500 pounds or more on a more modern version just doesn’t appeal to me.

I mean with the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy 8’s costing nearly a thousand pounds you would have to be mad to buy one for a child who can’t even look after a shoe.

So in my view a child can be well served with a model that is a couple of iterations back from the current flagship.

Admittedly the Samsung Galaxy S3 was somewhat disdained but to be fair kids are all about IOS – they just see Android as something that either geeky parents use ( because they don’t know better ) or poor people have ( because they can’t afford an Apple device ).

Needless to say as I am in the market for an older model phone and indeed one that carries some sort of Certified Refurbished warranty – happily Telephones Online do just that – make it easy to find and buy a cheap refurbished iphone and with a 12 month warranty meaning that my child gets what looks like – to all intents and purposes – a new iphone, one that has the latest IOS and is shiny and wrapped up all nice for a fraction of the cost – it works and……

she is happy

Telephones Online full range of iPhones can be seen here » – they are predominantly refurbished models which will be in pristine A grade condition.
NB some thought should be applied in buying either a iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C these days as they use a 32bit environment ( unlike newer models which are 64 bit ) and as such may/ will not be compatible with upgraded versions of IOS or indeed upgraded versions of apps.

A Cheap Refurbished iPhone
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