Kitchen PhoneWe ran a little survey to find out the most interesting places where people situated their telephones – in particular additional cordless handsets.

To be clear there are two main types of home phone: the corded home phone, which needs to be plugged into a phone socket and, hence, is limited in its positioning and the cordless home phone which, although the base needs to be directly connected to a phone line the additional handsets giving one much more freedom than with the more traditional solutions.

here are some of our findings:

The Shed

Quite a few people came back with actually having out of the house installations of their favourite handset. Guy replied that he has a DECT handset in his garden office where he goes to get away from it all and to be quiet and work – he has a Gigaset handset ( not sure which model ) but the connection is fine. At times he receives internal calls from the house and can even call to the house from the handset.

The Kitchen

In second place in the popularity was having the facility to answer ( rather than make ) calls in the kitchen – apparently a place where people spend a lot of time. Robin says that his favourite position for an additional handset – a BT 6500 one – is in the kitchen where he likes to spend a few hours each evening – the handset speakerphone comes in handy when talking to family whilst cooking.

The Bedroom

Sally is of the opinion that the best place to park her handset – also a BT 6500 – is next to her bed – making it easy to answer and make calls whilst relaxing there. This proved to also be a very popular choice.

additional handsets

Kids Rooms

This was certainly open for a lot of debate with some people considering it ludicrous and complaining that there were tenfold reasons not to allow children a telephone in their rooms ( they lock up the landline constantly, they run up large bills and you don’t know who they are talking to – to name a few ) but others found it great to allow their children the freedom to stay in their rooms and chat to their friends – though, further to that a lot of parents said that their children tended to communicate more through new channels such as Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

In Conclusion

Many of our responses were of no surprise as the whole reason of adding a handset to your DECT system is one of convenience – it means that you can expand your telephone system to take your home communications to a new level.

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