momsAnyone who has had the fortunate experience of raising children from birth will be aware of a few harsh realities of parenthood : It’s hard work, it’s incessant.

A rough guide to those who with have not experienced it or who have chosen to forget it ( a wise move ) is that your day goes like this :

A Day in the Life

You wake up at 5.30AM – when we call this wake up it is because it this the last time you wake up – most likely you will have been awake a few times by then. Your child needs feeding and or changing and or playing with and or settling and or bathing. In general the next 14 hours will be a reiteration of the points above interspersed by the necessity of quite possibly running a home, looking after other children, work, and, it is worth pointing out, the joy of watching your child explore and learn and grow.

Looking after Babies

Well, by the ‘end’ of the day – if a day actually ends during the early years of parenthood it is not uncommon for parents to want a little peace, a stolen hour where one of them tiptoes from child’s room with that immortally optimistic phrase “he’s asleep” ( or she of course ) . Well here is the brief interval where parents may get the chance to speak to each other – to communicate – most likely about the child of course, but it is vital to take a couple of breaths away from the whirlwind of child minding and sort of relax.

This is where we have a range of products – Baby Monitors – which can play a very important purpose in allowing these interludes to take place. The are deployed in the same room as the child and provide a few functions :

  •    listen to the sounds coming from your child’s room – this is the basic function of a baby monitor
  •    talk back – should you wish you can whisper or sing soothing lullabies to your child at the touch of a button
  •    night light – emitting soothing ambient light
  •    music player -built in lullabies or connect to an mp3 player -or even an ipod – to play Michael Buble to your dozing infant
  •    room temperature – monitors the baby room temperature for your peace of mind
  •    light show – sprinkles stars and moons on the wall or ceiling to keep your child bewildered
  •    video – if you want to watch your child then its up to you but some models allow this

In summary these baby monitors can offer you the chance to relax, safe in the knowledge that your child is fine and cosy, they are reliable and do just what they are meant to. View the range at BT Baby Monitors