Telephones Online are pleased to introduce some fantastic new Digital Baby Monitors from Tomy.
Tomy are a very trusted brand name in the baby monitors field with at least 3 of their models being in the top ten list this year – praised for their reliability, quality and features. We will look at some of our favourite features.

OK – to start with we should have a look at why buy a baby monitor? – to the non parent or indeed a parent who has forgotten those frantic early days it may appear that gadgetry and child-minding should not go hand in hand, but since the dawn of time human beings have devised ingenious ways in which to make their lives easier and safer.

The fact is that babies need sleep, adults need to relax sometimes and the baby monitor replaces the overwhelming need to check on your baby every ten minutes.

The science is that Baby Monitors work over a DECT connection ( the same as modern cordless phones )and, hence can transmit data from one room to another.

Our generic assumption is that one of the rooms will be the baby’s room and the other wherever the parents are – it could be having a romantic meal or just flaking out on the sofa or bed.

Anyway there will me a monitor for the baby and a device for the parents which allow various forms of monitoring such as the following :

  • basic sound monitoring – this allows a sensitive microphone to pick up noises from the child’s room such as the Tomy TF550
  • two way talkback – allows the parents to talk back and soothe a crying baby without having to go to the room
  • remote controlled lighting – adjust the ambient light in the baby’s room remotely
  • temperature indicator – check that your baby is in a suitable environment
  • lullabies – some include the facility to play music remotely
  • video monitoring – an additional level of ‘big brother’ is the option in some baby monitors to have full video streaming from the child’s room – the TOMY TDV450 even has night vision for dim lighting as well as zooming
  • movement pad – the Tomy TFM575 has a sensitive movement pad which monitors the baby’s physical activity

It will be clear that the features in modern Baby monitors could have been conceived by the FBI or MI6 in terms of snooping monitoring features.
However put into perspective these baby monitors provide a superb service for any parent who wants a moment or two of respite.

If you are interested in buying a Tomy baby Monitor or require additional information feel free to call us on 0800 652 4949 or view the range here

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