Best Landline Phones 2019

The Best Landline Telephones

We have a selection of the best landline phones for 2019. You may have a mobile, you may have a tablet, you may have Skype and Whassap and Snapchat and all methods of communication available to man/ or woman, but there is nothing as reliable and comforting as a nice landline telephone – get retro, get real.


BT Advanced Z

With premium call blocking features and a very clear monochromatic screen this landline phone can block 100% of nuisance calls – as well as being very good as a telephone.

BT Everyday Single

Cheap single handset phone with basic call blocking and an amber back lit display. If you want a simple landline phone we recommend this model.


Also with call blocking, the XD56 landline will allow excellent sound quality and nuisance call blocking technology. The answermachine has 30 minutes recording.


BT 3880 Landline Twin

Handy, eco-friendly and cheap landline phone – with decent sized screen and a speakerphone. Has an answering machine and a do not disturb mode.

BT Essential X Twin Telephones

With Nuisance call blocker plus your landline will be clear from unwanted callers, this telephone also features answer machine, large back lit screen and one touch call blocking.

Gigaset A170 Twin

Cheap, easy to use and with great sound – the Gigaset A170 Twin is eco DECT – meaning that your landline phone uses less power – also hearing aid compatible.


BT 4600 Trio Big Button

As al landline the BT 4600 Big Button does it all, eco-friendly, backlit screen, call blocking and accessible for those with sight, dexterity or hearing issues.

BT Advanced Trio Cordless

Beautiful design, easy to operate and packed with functions – this BT Triple set will allow you to connect many rooms in the same house with one landline.

BT Premium Trio

A premium landline phone with a large vibrant colour screen and trueCall blocking technology integral. Eco Mode and a long recording time make this a great buy.


Simple, cheap landline telephones


Ranges of landline phones specifically aimed at any one with impairments, be they hearing, vision, dexterity or comprehension based..

Corded Phones

Corded Landline phones can be a useful back up in case of nuclear war or power cut

If you want to talk to Telephones Online about a new landline phone, then feel free to call on 0800 652 4949 during normal office hours or just visit the website and have a look around. We have a great selection of phones for the home from top manufacturers and in many different styles.