It is early 2018 and, as usual in the mobile phone market the manufacturers are talking about hte next big thing – be it the iPhone X’s demise, the Samsung Galaxy 9 leaks or just a new Nokia with a new operating system. It really is incredible how rapidly the face of the mobile market changes – though one could quite easily say “plus ca change” and stick with your older model so we thought we would have a look at some of the SIM Free mobiles we have in stock and choose what we though offered the best value for money these days.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE – actually an upgraded version as far as components are concerned from the iPhone 6 goes back to the more solid build of the iPhone 5 and 5s. We particularly like the solid feel of this phone and have noticed more and more people choosing this even over later models. We stock both new and refurbished iPhone SE models.

Nokia 3 TA

Nokia, once world leader, managed to sink into oblivion with the mistrusted Windows operating system, but have bounced back with an Android phone which is entry level in some aspects but slick and a joy to use. Nice clear large screen and well finished.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Elegance in its purest form. Crafted with minimalism in mind for maximum enjoyment its highly resistant rear 3D Glass. The Samsung Galaxy A5 though not a flagship model like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 it has great spec.

Kazam Trooper 555

UK designed and marketed by former HTC employees – the Kazam offers entry level pricing but delivers a punch above its weight when it comes to features

Samsung Galaxy S8

Though soon to be usurped from its pedestal as Samsung’s flagship model by the recently announced Galaxy S9 the S8 is just the most delectable phone on the market. Well that is in the opinion of he author of this blog 🙂

Sony Xperia L1

Sony Xperia L1 – very good camera and nice user interface the Xperia L1 is also notable in so far as the build quality and finish are exemplary. Sony is an oft ignored brand, but should seriously be considered by anyone looking for a good android phone.

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