For many people with issues with dexterity or with impaired vision the ability to focus or use the increasingly small interfaces presented these days can be infuriating. It can be either difficult to discern the markings on the buttons or just impossible to operate such tiny and closely spaced keyboards.

Telephones can be of great help to anyone with impairments which make everyday processes difficult and are important tools for communication, information and in the case of emergency for many.
For this reason many of the major telephone manufacturers create big button versions which have all the functionality of normal phones.

Corded Big Button

Big Button 200The forerunner of the big button phones was the BT Big Button 200 which is a corded desktop phone designed for use at home or in an office. In addition to the large, clear buttons it also is hearing aid compatible as some phones can cause interference with hearing aids and hands free speakerphones. The phone has large and easy to see and operate keys.

Cordless Big Button Phones

Big 4500 Big ButtonNaturally, as cordless phones give real convenience to anyone in the home, there are several models of digital phone which have been designed with big button operation in mind. Notably Gigaset and British Telecom (BT). One of the most pleasing of these models is the BT 4500 Big Button Phone – this is a DECT Phone with a built in answer machine which also comprises some advanced functionality and is available as BT 4500 Twin and BT 4500 Trio multi handset systems which bring the added bonus of being able to transfer calls between handsets or even just use them as intercom walkie talkies around the house.

  • Clear Backlit Screen
  • Hands free Speaker Phone
  • Volume Control on both handset and base
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Nuisance Call Blocking
  • Inductive Coupler – for those with hearing aids

What Big Button Phones Can do For You

Big ButtonBig Button telephones hugely increase the accessibility of telephony for those facing visual or mobile impairments – in many cases a cordless big button phone will help as they can be placed anywhere and a handset speakerphone can help also as it removes the necessity to hold the handset whilst talking.

These large buttoned phones are also very stylish – the look and feel of them making them really stand out fomr the crowd.

You can view the BT 4500 Big Button here