Modern technolgy is just beautiful, it is a joy to own the myriad of gorgeously designed and ergonomically crafted gadgetry available to the sophisticated modern aficionado. The latest products are made with micro compoments and finished with shiny plastic, glass and aluminium. However we all know that this most beloved possession can fall from grace at a moment’s notice, indeed from your hands.

What we are talking about here is that terrible calamity where you break your phone.
There are many manifestations of this, there is the spilt water over a laptop, the mobile dropped down the toilet, the iphone with shattered screen or the table accidentally run over with your car.

Well we can assure you that there is no difference with cordless phones, nor indeed normal household corded phones. Although these are built far more sturdily than mobile phones they are prone to breakage. Indeed they are often treated far less care than normal goods. That is why we supply a range of spare and replacement parts for home telephones including spare handsets, arials, batteries, charging pods and line cords


A list of the main reasons we have heard about over the years ( and we have been trading onine since the last century ) follows :

How we broke our phone

The Hungry Animal

animal ate my phone

All phones, whether cordless or corded will have a line cord which attaches either the telephone itself or the base station to the home phone socket. This wire is crucial in delivering the conversation to tha apparatus and it can be a weak link in the chain. We have heard of countless instances when a rather embarassed ( or in some instances proud ) customer calls us up with the story that their Rabbit/ Hamster/ Guinea Pig has chewed through their line cord – these are easily replaced though it is a good idea to get the correct cord that will work best with your model.

The Bath

drop phone in bath

Water and electricity don’t mix, we all know that, but people, it appears, still continue to use electrical equipment whilst in the bath ( the shower less often ). It may be lovely to lie back in the bath chatting with your mum or renegotiating your car insurance but, believe us, you WILL drop your phone in the bath, and it will not work again. They do float initially for a few seconds but then tend to sink rather rapidly in a stream of bubbles. As before, this not need be the end of the line for your phone system – replacement handsets can be purchased individually from Telephones Online

The Angry Moment

smash your phone

Well there have been a few occasions where we have been phoned up by customers asking for replacement handsets because they have dropped them. We have asked them if they have tried replacing the batteries to which they have replied that the entire handset is in 8 pieces and it actually fell against a well rather hard. If it is a gentle lob against a wall many handsets will survive with only the necessity of a battery cover replacement; but heftier efforts will commonly result in smashed LCD screens and major component damage – in such instances we suggest giving us a call on 0800 652 4949 or have a look at our spare parts for cordless phones once you have calmed down to order a new handset.

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