The BT 2000 trio is really a wonderful digital cordless system for the home and very cheap at the price we are able to sell it for. This, though not being a top end phone, delivers to the home user ( or even a small office ) a both affordable and feature rich experience.

BT 2000 Trio TelephonesRather than just tell you it makes phone calls – which it does with aplomb, I will list some of the features we, and our customers, found the most useful:

  • Handsfree Speakerphone – a very useful feature for if you are on hold, doing something else or if holding a telephone is difficult or painful.
  • Eco Mode – saves power consumption which also saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint
  • Address Book – store 50 names and numbers for ease of use
  • Caller Display – if you subscribe to this service you can see who is calling and decide whether or not to answer
  • Trio/ triple handset – any multi handset cordless phone scenario allows call transfer and intercom – creating a small telephone system in your home or office
  • Battery Life – the phones have a talk time of 12 hours ( that would be a long conversation ) and a standby of 120 hours which means that in theory you could leave your phone off charge from Monday to Friday and it would still work.
  • Backlit Screen – makes the screen vibrant and legible in all light conditions

Further useful features of the BT 2000 Trio include conference calling, secrecy mode, alarm clock and that very useful paging button for lost handsets.

To summarise – the BT 2000 Trio has been a consistently top selling phone since we added it to our portfolio and has been very well received by our customers – and that makes us happy.
You can see the phone, in its full glory here