We had to look at the BT 3530 twin set as it was selling so well and we wondered what it was that was drawing so many people to it as, at first glance, it doesn’t appear to be much different from many other models we stock.

So – first things first – this is a twin cordless phone from BT meaning that, as any BT DECT phone it will have a great sound, a decent range ( affected by walls and floors of course ) and be reliable. On top of this the BT 3530 Twin is one of the most reasonably priced twin telephones we have in our portfolio and though not bursting with an array of advanced features will perform, with ease, most of the daily tasks asked of a telephone.

BT 3530 TwinThe 3530, being a twin set, will allow one to transfer calls from one handset to the other or even make intercom calls from one to the other. It has a small footprint, meaning that it does not take up a lot of desktop/ worktop space and, in a wonderful design for anyone with difficulty operating smaller devices – be it dexterity or vision impairment or just the elderly – the BT 3530 handsets have a very clear and easily discernible LCD display and large buttons/ keys.


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The telephone has a built in answer machine which is habdy for taking those missed calls as well as a reasonable 50 name and number telephone directory and five sumptuous ringtones, call logging and caller ID. For a cheap telephone the inclusion of a speakerphone on the handset is a real bonus.

The BT 3530 Twin Summary

To conclude we see here a basic yet sturdy and well priced twin set that performs pretty much what most people will want from a telephone. Although of course anone could make good use of it – it could be particularly useful as a phone for older people due to its simple operation and clear large keys and is extremely well priced for a DECT Twin set.

BT 3530 Video Review

In summary this, though not an ‘all singing and all dancing cordless phone’ is a very well priced home phone which offers an ease of use, nice functions, decent battery life and solid audio – a good buy.

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