The BT3710 is another round bottomed telephone from BT’s cordless phone range. In a far cry to the large square base stations of yesteryear BT have realised that a space saving, more minimalistic footprint will benefit many householders as well as looking good.

What we like about the 3710 is its inherent accessibility – not only are the base stations space saving, but the handsets themselves have very legible, clear backlit LCD screens with large and clearly discernible text, but the buttons are ergonomically shaped and large with clear labelling on them.


This makes the phones suitable also for those with limited vision or dexterity issues. The integral handset speakerphone also allows one to make and take calls without having to grip the handset. On top of these accessibility benefits, the phone is a great home phone with features including

  • Answer machine with 55 Minutes Recording Time
  • Call transfer between handsets
  • Intercom between handsets
  • Nice ringtones
  • 150 Hour standby time on handsets off charge
  • Caller Display ( requires subscription )

The phone itself, looks good and feels good but moreover it delivers a consistent user experience by virtue of its sound design, intuitive interface and fantastic sound quality. At the lower end of the price scale ( we mean cheap ) these represent a hot deal for anyone wishing to get a new twin home phone set.

The BT 3710 twin can be found on our website at BT 3710