Well we love a cordless phone, and we love BT telephones in general, especially telephones which seem to have been designed to do everything that a person could wish for in a phone. Here I am introducing the BT 8500 Trio/ Triple System. This comprises a main base station and handset and two additional satellite handsets. Where a cordless telephone gives you freedom to move around the home or office a triple system gives one the facility to place two more handsets around the house in strategic positions such as in the classic spots of the kitchen or bedroom or the more exciting like the garage or home gym.

What is so good about the BT 8500 Triple?

Basic telephone features : The BT 8500 has large, clear buttons which give easy access to a host of functions via a slick operating system and a vibrant colour screen. The phone has a built in answer machine which can record up to an hour’s worth of telephone messages. The 8500 has a 200 name and number directory which , once populated is a joy to use and you can copy the directory from handset to another should you wish. The handset also has a handsfree speakerphone which can be a very nice feature for the home user, especially when waiting in a hold queue. Of course as you have three handsets you can not only answer from the nearest one, but should you wish you can transfer calls from handset to handset or just use the telephone handsets as intercom, like walkie talkies.

8500 Nuisance Call Blocking Features

The real icing on the cake of this wonderful home phone is its ability to filter and block calls according to predefined criteria. Call Guardian allows you to block anyone not in your phone book en masse or to specify groups of numbers you don’t wish to disturb you at certain times of the day or night. Further, this gives you complete flexibility when used in conjucntion with the award winning truCall© blocking technology.

View the BT 8500 triple Here