BT have for a while now been saving the householder from the callous interruption of nuisance calls offering PPI claimback or other such un-requested life changing bonuses that we are all sitting around waiting for at home. The BT 6510 series of phones introduced us to nuisance call blocking whilst further products such as the hugely popular BT 8500 range took the protection levels even further with call guardian.
2016 has seen some new telephones, designed to make home phone ownership a joy rather than a pain. Here we have a look at the BT 8610 series.


At initial glance the BT 8610 looks not dissimilar to the BT 8500 series nor, even to the current BT 8600 telephones. It has the large clear colour screen that drives an intuitive menu via a small joggle stick and large, easy to read and use keys. The phone comes with a built in digital answermachine ( pretty normal these days ) and a handset speakerphone – crucial for when you are on hold and it has a powerful phone directory with the option to copy contacts between handsets.


The phone’s real USP is that it offers advanced protection from unwanted incoming calls as well as powerful and very configurable options to limit access to select outgoing call numbers and channels. This comprises BT’s Advanced Call Blocker and trueCall which, with a little programming and reading the manual for a few minutes can make a real difference to that first thought you think when tou hear your phone ring – instead of “Oh blimey” it’s a warm feeling of smugness. It also, has a nice One Touch Block whereby one can click one button and never be disturbed by the caller again.


The BT 8610 differs most markedly from the BT 8600 and the BT 8500 models in that it has a far smaller base than other models with all the same buttons, just in a more compact format which makes it just that little sleeker and with less of a desktop footprint.

The BT 8610 telephones are available as the basic single unit or as twin sets , triples and quads and can be viewed on the website at » BT 8610 Telephones

And finally – the big question that everyone is asking :
“what is the difference between the BT 8600 and the BT 8610 telephones?”
– well we hoped that this image would settle the argument finally.

What Is The Difference Between The BT 8600 And The BT 8610 Telephones?


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