When looking at ways in which to kit out your office there are certain stalwarts that should be seriously considered for purchase, our preference for a simple office, business or home office phone is BT’s great Converse range comprising the :

  •    » BT Converse 2100
  •    » BT Converse 2200
  •    » BT Converse 2300

Here we will list the basic properties of the phones in the Converse range:

bt converse phones

BT Converse 2100

The Converse 2100 is what could be called an entry level desktop telephone. It serves well as a simple home phone but is great for the office. It is very popular in hotels and reception areas as its switchboard compatibility allows internal calls as well as being suitable for the public and PSTN ( external ) calling. It has some nice features which, indeed, all the Converse telephones share such as headset port (RJ11), visual ringer, amplification, ringer volume and earpiece volume control and an inductive coupler for those wearing hearing aids. It has three easily programmable quick dial buttons for easy access.
View the Converse 2100 Here

BT Converse 2200

The Converse 2200 adds further features to the basic ones covered above. The memory is extended to 10 pre programmed numbers and a full hands free speaker phone which allows two way conversation without lifting the handset – a great function at home or at work in many situations. For ease of use it is also wall mountable.
View the Converse 2200 Here

BT Converse 2300

The Converse 2300 is the daddy of the range ( or mummy if you prefer ) and adds further to the growing list of features with the addition of a large, clear LCD screen and a 100 name and number directory. It also boasts a call timer, contrast control, a backlit screen, caller ID and quick access to BT’s Services menu.
View the Converse 2300 Here


Telephones Online stocks these phone in quantity ready for immediate dispatch – they are available in a choice of either white or black and in brand new or refurbished statuses – all covered with a 12 month warranty. If you are interested in placing an order feel fee to call us on 0800 652 4949.

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