decor-2600Well, we have seen over the last few years a great popularity in nuisance call blocking telephones – this has come in a consumer response to the massive proliferation of annoying sales calls received by many domestic lines. In general these phones have been of the cordless variety such as Gigaset’s models and of course the BT 6500, BT 8500 and now BT 8600 and 8610 models. These phones incorporate advanced call blocking technology such as Call Guardian and TruCall which allow the user to bar calls from unknown callers, or even access sophisticated rules by which certain callers can be allowed and so on.

Well, BT, an established innovator in the field of call blocking has now brought out the BT Decor 2600 – a corded desktop telephone which has all of these features packaged conveniently into a ‘normal’ traditional home phone.

Looking at this phone we see an incredibly versatile piece of equipment with the following features:

BT Decor 2600 Features

  • Block Up to 1000 Numbers
  • Answer Machine with 30 minutes recording
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Big Buttons
  • Speakerphone for handsfree
  • 200 Name and Number – alphanumeric telephone directory

Why Buy the BT Decor 2600?

So we here have a phone that is suitable for many different situations as well as having great accessibility features for anyone with mobility, dexterity or visibility impairments. It is a part of the well established BT Decor range which has a reputation for delivering good quality corded telephones which are reliable and durable.

If you are looking for a cheap way to block home nuisance calls this telephone will deliver all the functionality you need, and it is easy to use and accessible for all.

User Guide for Decor 2600

View the BT Decor 2600 Here

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