BT – we love them – just when we thought that they had already made phones that do everything they have just brought out a new take on a home digital cordless phone. The new BT Halo series are some of the most sophisticated looking and functioning telephones we have ever seen. The USP ( unique selling point ) being that they hook up to your mobile phones via Bluetooth connection.

So – what is it about the BT Halo that is so special? Well, we will look at the looks first:

BT Halo Design

First thing you notice about this telephone is the attention to detail in its build.
The Halo looks like it has been carved out of brushed steel at its sleek base whilst the handset perches upon this circular button nicely.
The handset sports a bright and very readable colour screen which allows access to an intuitive menu structure as well as a 4 way navigation and a one touch call blocking button.

The keys themselves are, slightly similar to a recent Sagemcom phone, raised representations of the numbers.
All in all this makes for a very nice looking phone which feels good and is easy to use and hold.

BT Halo Functions

The BT Halo is loaded with all the features one could wish for in a home telephone such as handset speakerphone, great sound, answermachine etc. It is easy to use and works straight out of the box. It incorporates advanced call blocking and call limiting features allowing complete freedom from nuisance calls and selected numbers.

Mobile Halo Integration

BT Halo Mobile Integration

Quite apart from the wonderful looks, quality, design and function of this telephone the way in which it integrates with ones mobile is very well considered. For a start one can synch up to two mobile phones to the Halo – allowing the import of up to 1000 numbers from each handset ( does any one actually have that many numbers? ).
Further – for anyone whose home is in an area of poor mobile reception the Halo can be connected to your mobile via Bluetooth, meaning that one can both make and take mobile calls from the DECT handset having left the mobile in that perfect spot. Certainly I know people who upon answering a mobile call at home have to rush to an upstairs room or suchlike in order to carry on the conversation – those days are gone now thanks to this innovative concept that BT have integrated into the Halo telephones.


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