Sitting on Sofa with kids the other day and mobile phone was on charge in the other room and neither iPad nor Android slab were at hand and I looked at my Gigaset telephone and wondered if I should have an intelligent beast in situ there instead. I knew about the BT Home Smartphone and had never really looked into it. I though that first I would look at the phone as someone who did not have an arsenal of gadgets anyway and see what it did in its own right.

BT Home Smartphone Features

OK, the BT Home Smartphone comes in two main models, the more recent of which is the BT Home Smartphone S which has the inclusion of BT’s Nuisance Call Blocking feature as well as an updated Android version ( Jelly bean ) but in essence apart from that the two models are very similar.


The feature list on the telephone is quite astounding, it really is a smartphone, it comes with a decent size capacitive touchscreen (3.5″)and a host of presinstalled apps such as Facebook, You Tube, Opera Browser and email. It can connect to your router’s WiFi – allowing high speed web browsing or even Skype© calling. The phone even has a camera.

The home smartphone’s basic features are a digital ( DECT ) cordless phone with a built in answer machine which has about half an hour of recording time; this functionality is enhanced massively by its placement upon the Google Android operating system, this allows synchronisation with cloud contacts as well as the user of organisational features such as calendar, reminders, planners, apps and alarms.

Initially it was like getting a slightly clunky Android phone out of the box and I wondered how this would fit into my technological ecosystem at home so I plugged it in, charged it up and thought about it a while.

Using the BT Home Smartphone

It looks nice and it was, indeed disconcerting at first to make and receive calls using what looked and felt like a mobile phone but as a kid of the 21st Century i am used to such diversions from the norm. The phone was great to use and, indeed, I did fine myself reaching for it during mt sofa phases to idly flick through my social media, to check up on TV listings and suchlike. Perhaps the blinding pinnacle of functionality was surpassed when, on sunday evening I took a photo, quickly and easily of Taylor swift from the television and shared it on Twitter, I thought perhaps that I had found the real USP of this device, but am not sure.

All in all it really depends upon your lifestyle, for me it is a little overkill but it was nice having a fully charged smart device always ready and always in the place where you expect it – I can’t say the same for all the other household stuff I have knocking around. It slowly insinuated itself and before long was part of the family – at home and in use by all.

You can buy the BT Home Smartphone on our website or the BT Home Smartphone S – or just have a look and a think about it – go on you know you want one…