Cheap iPhones 2019

new models and older models

Well 2019 is upon us and we have news in the mobile world that Apple’s share price is slipping. They have shifted the blame indirectly on to Donald Trump; blaming the deterioration of trade with China. We would assess the reasons as follows :

  • Competition – Samsung have continued to produce top class smartphones with its ever expanding Galaxy range but new kids on the block ( to some extent ) have taken more and more market share. Chinese phones themselves such as Huawei and Xiaomi have pushed successfully into western markets, whilst dominating developing countries. Other manufacturers such as Oppo, One Plus, Google ( Pixel ), Motorola and ZTE are also staking a massive claim to the worldwide smartphone market.
  • Diminished Obsolescence – Although we see new smartphones coming out, promising new features and improved user experience, with regular rapidity a lot of mobile users are quite happy with their 2/3 year old ‘ex-flagship’ mobile. Of course an iPhone XS will be a piece of beauty, but many people are perfectly happy with their iPhone 6 or iPhone SE.
  • Trying Something New – Many people have decided to try ‘something completely different’ and just change operating systems. There is no doubt that Apple’s product design and operating system UX are beautifully considered, but there is always the allure of a change.
  • The Nokia Effect – Once there was a day when everyone had a Nokia, even almost everyone had the same model. Things changed and models like Sony Ericsson and Motorola entered the mix. It still took a long time for people to venture into pastures unknown, but they did and not only did soon ‘not everyone have a Nokia’ but before long almost no one had one. ( That may have been Apple’s doing of course, but what goes around, comes around. )
  • Pricing – The iPhone continues to be a high end mobile. It is consistently the most expensive mobile on the market. With smartphones becoming something that we take for granted it is highly possible that consumers are less likely to consider a smartphone/ mobile purchase as an extravagance.

So we thought we would look at some of the latest iPhones available and also some of its back catalogue of cheaper iPhones. We sell refurbished/ renewed iPhones as well as brand new ones so some of the prices we are able to offer are far better than one would usually expect

iPhone 7

This model, launched in September 2016 was a bigger and better version of the iPhone 6S. It came with an upgraded processor, a 12 megapixel camera and was notable as Apple dropped ( for the first time ) the 3.5 mm headphone jack. This, being an older ( though less than three years old at time of writing ) model can be found cheaply. Renewed/ Refurbished versions will give even greater saving to the customer.

iPhone 8

Released on September 22, 2017, the iPhone 8 brought glass backs to the Apple iPhones as well as the introduction of wireless charging. The new Apple A11 processor gave faster response times, but many users felt that this phone was not worth the step up, preferring to wait for something slightly more groundbreaking, indeed it was launched along with the iPhone X…

iPhone X

The iPhone X came out in November 2017 during the same launch as the iPhone 8. X is the numeral for 10 and this phone came out 10 years after the first iPhone. Apple innovated the screen with the ‘notch’ giving far more screen %, Glass and stainless-steel finishes were blended to create a real flagship phone. Not cheap on launch ( over £1000 ) these can now be found very well priced.

iPhone XR

In October 2018 the Xr iPhone was launched with a new Apple A12 Bionic chip. A novel 6.1-inch “Liquid Retina” LCD display was cheaper to produce, leading to a cheaper product, but the screen quality was criticised by some. Despite this it was the best selling iPhone of 2018 whilst being the cheapest of the X Series.

iPhone XS

The iPhone XS ( and Max ) was released in September 2018 and introduced the first plus-sized iPhone in the new bezel-less form factor. It looks almost identical to the X – which it rendered obsolete but carries faster processor, improved camera function and better resolution screen.

If you are looking for a cheap iPhone then feel fee to browse our selection of unlocked ( SIM Free ) iPhones, many of which as they are not ‘current’ models are way cheaper than one would find in other stores and many of which have been professionally renewed and are sold at great saving.