When did Smartphones become so popular?

We all know how much technology has grown, and Smartphones are no exception. In January of 2007, Steve Jobs, the chief executive of Apple, released the iPhone which was the most expensive but advanced Smartphone on the market at the time. This started one of the most competitive technology markets in the world, and the battle is still going on to this day.

Mobile phones over the years have added more and more to make life easier, and they have the power to make many household objects redundant, Smartphones nowadays can hold your calendars, alarms, web browsing, or something as simple as a torch.

Throughout the years, many companies have released some excellent smartphones, but there are two certain groups in particular that stood out from the others, IOS, and Android Mobiles.

Apple have been releasing increasingly best-selling phones every year, each one being a great step up from the previous model, and the public waste no time in grabbing the new releases and using them in their daily routine. Several companies have also been releasing their own Smartphones running the Android Operating system, and they don’t fall short of a great phone to the eyes of the public.

What’s the difference between IOS and Android?

IOS and Android Smartphones have a wide array of features, and they both have their own advantages and disadvantages, let’s discus a few.

Operating Systems

Brands like Samsung and Sony use the Android OS, so they will be our examples here. One of the greatest advantages of this system, is you can do so much with it. The Android System is easily customisable, allowing advanced computing technologies for the user have their phone exactly how they want it. There are millions of applications that you can install Via Google Play, and even from the web itself, which can cause issues when it comes to viruses and malware, android has protection, but sometimes it’s not enough, so be careful on what you download.

Apple use the IOS system, which is controlled and optimized by Apple themselves, and this includes their App Store. There are millions of apps on the app store, and since that store is managed by apple and their super secure system, the apps are always safe to download.

Digital Assistants

Some Android phones such as the Pixel, soon to be many more Android phones, use Google Assistant, and Apple use their own assistant Siri, both of these virtual assistants have grown and can do an amazing number of things. They are both able to answer simple questions, open apps on your phone, set yourself timers and reminders and more. The ability to touch one button and have your phone act to your voice can save you the time it takes to do that tedious typing into Google or shuffling through your apps and setting up a timer. Google Assistant tends to joke around a little more than Siri too, try asking it some questions about itself, like ‘do you like to exercise’ or ‘are you afraid of the dark’ if you want some funny results.

Generally, Google Assistant has proved itself to be far more conversational, it makes a very easy job of remembering what you asked about previously, and you can use this to make asking questions easier, for example, asking ‘Who is the President of the United States’ and waiting for Google’s answer, you can then follow up with ‘How tall is he’, and Google will remember who you’re talking about, Siri is sometimes able to do this, but not as consistently.

Some people however do prefer Siri, and for good reasons, Siri tends to be more visual, she talks less, but is able to display much more information on the screen, and in a very tidy way, asking her to shows a company’s stock price will display a nice graph with plenty of info to browse, compared to Google Assistant, which just reads out a number.

Data and Security

Apple use the IOS system, which is controlled and optimized by Apple themselves, and this includes their App Store. It’s incredibly difficult to hack an iPhone without a pass-code, everything on an iPhone is encrypted making it one of the most secure devices in the world, even to the standards of the FBI, this makes apple devices practically virus immune, so you can count on your iPhone to keep your details and files safe.

Compared to IOS, Android is a less regulated mobile OS, and also holds a much higher market share, meaning it’s more likely to be the target or malware attacks, it’s far easier to go to online and download apps from third party websites, and this can pose a high risk to an Android. Not catching unwanted viruses is easy however, just make sure you download directly from the Google store, and not any third party websites.

Durability and Longevity

A few factors to think of, no matter what you buy, be it an Android, iPhone, or Windows phone, To protect yourself some any accidents, such as water damage, or dropping the phone, you should always get yourself a decent screen protector and case to ensure the maximum lifetime of your mobile phone.
Try to get yourself a case with raised corners, this way if the phone lands flat on the floor, the screen won’t be touched. With screen protectors, tampered glass is the slightly more expensive option, but it’s beyond worth it, dropping your phone screen first will break the tapered glass, saving you a couple hundred quid for a screen repair, especially with iPhone, as they tend to me more expensive to repair.

As you would have noticed, iPhone’s have always had a sturdy metal frame around and behind the phone, whereas most Android phones, including ones that are still being released to this day, sometimes don’t have this. iPhone’s are usually also much heavier, which makes the phone much harder to drop since it feels life you got a better hold of it in your hand, of course when you hold a phone, you rest it in your four fingers and use your thumb on the screen, having a better weight means it firmly sits in your fingers, and is less likely to slip out your hand. A well cared iPhone can last around 4-5 years.

Android phones tend to be much lighter, since the frame is normally made of plastic, sometimes this is beneficial, as some back covers of these phones can have a rubber like material on the back, which makes it harder for the phone to slip out of your pocket, which happens to more people than you would think. Granted when you’re holding the phone, you can drop it fairly easy, especially since most Android phones are much larger than iPhone’s, on the plus side, buying parts and repairing the phone yourself can be very cheap, so damage to an Android phone isn’t as bad when compared to the cost of an iPhone. Most android mobiles can last about 2-3 years, so long as it’s taken care of.

So what’s the best phone?

When it comes to smartphones, there is no best phone, only the best for your needs and wants. We tend to find that the younger generation go for android more than they go for apple, younger people don’t need the security that an iPhone has, and it’s far more in their price range, the customization options appeal to the younger programmers too. iPhones on the other hand appeal more to the adults, most grown-ups these days like to keep their emails and work info on their phone, so they can benefit greatly from the security.

Bottom line is, get what you want, don’t decide based on what your family and friends have, if you want to customize your phone, and mess about a bit, and not worry about price, then go for Android, if you want a long lasting phone, with excellent security and reliability for your personal data, then Apple is for you.

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