Gaming Headsets Evolution

Gamers like to come together

In the old days gamers were solitary beasts who sat alone playing on computer or console games. Although the graphics were not as good as nowadays the games were just as involved and exciting. Sound may have been from PC Speakers, TV or even those quite fashionable in the early naughties – surround sound systems. With the advent of high speed broadband as standard all these gamers became connected , games evolved and suddenly all these disparate gamers were connected and playing with each other instead of just playing with themselves.

So we find the same people doing the same thing but all together – people all over the world united in killing other ( virtual ) people.. The old chat boxes which enlivened old classics such as Unreal Tournament disappeared, replaced via the beauty of VoIP and channelled through as decent quality speech – two way and duplex.

So – microphones and speakers evolved and the Gaming Headset came into use. This meant that good quality sound effects, speech and music could be piped down the gamers’ ears. This had the most welcome consequence that no longer did the rest of the house have to hear the sounds of gunfire, of laser beams, of death, screaming tyres and punch combinations landing. That sound is well muffled under the Gaming headset ear muffs. Sadly for any other people in the house their shouts and screams are all too audible.

So where are we now? Well there are literally hundreds of millions of kids ( and adults ) – come to think of it pensioners as well I guess – plugged into a vast neural network of games – full of sound and fury and having a great time of it.

A good gaming headset really enhances the experience for all involved – for the gamers at least, and allow comfortable communications during game play, loud as you like effects and sounds and cuts them off from the drab reality of the real world.

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