Getting Started with Nuisance Call Blocking

Protect Yourself from Nuisance Calls

Nuisance calls are on the rise, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep them away, but home phones and broadband suppliers are fighting against them. BT have always been in the lead when it comes to Nuisance Call Blocking, let’s take a look at your options, and what you should pick for your situation.

Call Blocking Software

There are many home phones out there with software built into the phone itself to help block out nuisance calls, there are 3 main types of call blocker that you will find in BT phones, however you will need caller display enabled on your line for these to work:

Nuisance Call Blocker

This is the most basic level of nuisance call blocking you will find in BT telephones, and easily identified with the blue shield icon. It allows you to maintain a small list of numbers, usually 20 numbers, which will be completely blocked and not cause the phone to ring.

Examples: BT XD56, BT 3560,

Nuisance Call Blocker Plus

This version is slightly more advanced than the one above, which adds a very useful feature, this time you have a 50 number block list with the facility to also add groups of caller categories which will be automatically blocked, such as withheld numbers, international numbers or calls from an unavailable number. This system allows the freedom to block calls from an unwanted origin.

Examples: BT 6600, BT 6590

Premium Call Blocking

This is BT’s top level call management, identified with the red shield icon with 3 stars, this includes the two preceding call blocking systems, this time being able to block 1000 individual numbers, with another amazing feature to get every call, even if it manages to sneak past the origin settings. You can set it to make callers announce their name before your phone rings, so you can decide from that short message if you want to take the call, you can set all people not in the contacts list on the phone announce or get diverted automatically to the answer phone, you can set up all sorts of combinations.

Examples: BT 8600, BT 8610, BT 4600, BT Decor 2600, BT Halo

BT’s Call Protect Service (1572)

BT are now offering new a service that’s free to their customers, called BT Call Protect. This is a feature that can be enabled on your line to help block out Nuisance calls without the need a home phone that has the software for it. Once it’s activated on you line, all you need to do is dial 1572 to take you to the Call Protect Settings. There are 3 main things BT Call Protect does to help block out them Nuisance calls:

BT Blacklist

BT are always on the lookout for the worst nuisance call offenders, and once BT have identified them, they will automatically divert them for you.

Personal Blacklist

You are able to add any number you like to your personal blacklist, including the last call. Then any future calls from those numbers will go straight into BT’s junk voicemail.

Types of Caller

You can send certain types of call to BT’s junk voicemail. You can block any international numbers, withheld numbers or unrecognized numbers.

What do I need?

Making a choice on your nuisance blocking can be difficult, but that’s what we’re here for. Let’s start by comparing BT’s Service, and BT’s software in the phones themselves, BT’s call protect service would best compare to Nuisance Call Blocker Plus, both allow you to block a certain list of specific numbers, and also allow you to block groups such as International or Withheld.

Advantages of BT’s New Call Protect

  • Phones that don’t have nuisance call blocker are much cheaper
  • Many groups and collections of numbers are already blocked for you by BT’s expanding list
  • Swapping out your phone for another one won’t delete your blacklist or settings

Advantages of Nuisance Call Blocker PLUS

  • Everything is stored on your phone directly, making it very easy to manage
  • You do not have to be a BT customer to use these BT Call Blocking phones
  • The ability to white-list numbers, so they can get through, no matter what your settings are (With Call Protect, you would need 1571 to do this)

I have Call Protect, but i’m still getting Nuisance Calls

If Nuisance Call Blocker PLUS or Call Protect is not enough to stop the Nuisance Calls, then you should consider upgrading to a phone that has BT’s Premium Call Blocker that I described just above. Using the virtual assistant to have the caller announce who they are means many callers may just hang up before they even bother, and even if they stay, you can block their number with a single button before they even start talking to you. Some suggestions for the Premium Call Blocker would be BT 8600, BT 8610, BT 4600, BT Decor 2600, BT Halo.

Getting Started with Nuisance Call Blocking
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Getting Started with Nuisance Call Blocking
Getting Started with Nuisance Call Blocking
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