If you are looking for a cheap and reliable set of twin cordless telephones then the Gigaset AL415A Twin is a great entry level model with twin DECT handsets working from one base station and with a digital answering machine integral and accessible from either of the handsets or the base station.

Gigaset AL415A TwinGigaset are one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of cordless telephones and are famed for their eco friendly construction, packaging and function whilst delivering the sort of sound quality that one would expect from a German made phone. The AL415A does not disappoint in any way once put to use; it has clear large buttons which click nicely when depressed and ( via a large and beautifully lit LCS screen ) the functions were very easy to access. Gigaset have incorporated their nuisance call blocking technology into this model so that if you are one of the many people who receives barrages of unwanted phone calls at home then this is a way of protecting yourself from them.

Whilst in use the AL415A has a pretty impressive standby time of up to 200 hours ( in part due to the Gigaset ECO DECT mode which minimises power consumption ) and a talk time of about 18 hours. It has the usual call handling features such as call waiting, caller display ( provider dependent ) and call transfer between handsets.

Additionally to the functions above the handsets have solid built in speakers which can be used for eith a hads free speakerphone during a call or on hold or to pumnp out the astonishingly vibrant ringtones included with this Gigaset.

All in all, like many of Gigaset’s home phones the AL415A Twin is cheap, fully functional and extremely well made – a great buy .

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