The Gigaset C530A Duo is one of our favourite telephones available in the UK these days. There are two main reason for this – everything it is and everything it does.
What it is is a two handset digital (DECT) cordless phone made by Gigaset – that itself is a great start as twin handset telephones are able to form the basis of a home communications system. Further, Gigaset ( formerly a division of Siemens ) make some of the best telephones there are. Gigaset phones are characterised by solid build, good looks and great quality – inherently great qualities.

That brings us to the question of what it does? Well, in essence it is a cordless phone, with two handses and a digital answer machine built in. The phones also have a clear and large colour screen display which have a host of settings to make them look good in any environment by making changes to the contrast, theme and inverting the light balance.


On top of this great design and great looks are the sort of components which deliver astounding sound quality which is the sort of thing that Alexander Graham bell could not have dreamt of.

Pushing on there are a few things tha should be mentioned in assessing this wonderful Gigaset twin – it has a handsfree speakerphone on the handset which we love for when you get stuck for 20 minutes in a queue – you can dance around to the music on hold. We like the addition of a night switch to mute calls when you do not want to be disturbed.

An additional bonus added in by Gigaset is the inclusion of ECO DECT technology – this means that the C530A is energy efficient and actively seeks to minimise radiation and, hence, power use. This has the two fold affect of minimising your impact on the environment as well as reducing your costs for power. All in all a perfect symbiosis of feature.


So, we have seen that this twin set from Gigaset, looks good, feels, good and works good, well, I mean well. It is available from us, Telephones Online at a great price as well, with free and quick delivery – it could just be what your home phone system is looking for.
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