Ever since the home phone came into existence the nuisance call has been a fact – with the advent of IP telephony there has been a surge in recent years of unwanted calls from people either trying to con you out of money or to sell you something you most likely either don’t need or don’t want. This has become an increasing scourge of modern times and we are pleased that BT, and others have taken steps to minimise the annoyance that these calls cause.

Currently the ways in which BT allow greater control of incoming ( and outgoing ) calls are the following:

Types of Nuisance call Blocking on BT Telephones

guide to nuisance call blocking features

Nuisance Call Blocker

This is the basic entry level nuisance call blocking feature – incorporated into many new home telephone models. It allows one to maintain a list of numbers which will not cause the phone to ring. There is a simple PIN protected process to allow the adding ( and removal ) of numbers in your unwanted calls list.

If you just want to prevent any unwanted numbers that you add yourself to a list on your telephone then a phone with this feature or above will offer you good protection.

Nuisance Call Blocker

Nuisance Call Blocker Plus

This is the more advanced version of the basic call blocker above which adds to these very useful features with the facility to also add groups of caller categories which will be automatically blocked such as withheld numbers or calls from number unavailable, payphones or international numbers.

This system allows increased freedom from not only calls from unwanted numbers but also from calls from unwanted origin.

Nuisance Call Blocker Plus

Premium Call Blocking

This, top level call management telephone feature gives, as one would expect, all the features of the two preceding call blocking systems. You can set it to make callers announce their name, you can set all people not in the contacts list on the phone announce or get diverted automatically to the answer phone, you can set up almost unlimited combinations of call diversion and screening giving you total control over who calls you, from where and when – truly blocking 100% of unwanted calls once configured.

Nuisance Call Blocker Premium

Additional Information on Call Blocking

In order for you ( or your phone ) to see who is calling it will be necessary to subscribe to a caller display service via your provider.

We also advise registering with the Telephone Preference Service TPS ( a free service ) at TELEPHONE PREFERENCE SERVICE or by calling 0845 070 0707

There is also a nice service provided by Which™ at WHICH NUISANCE CALL REPORTING SERVICE to help you report any calls which you believe violate your privacy.

Nuisance Call Blocking in BT Telephones
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Nuisance Call Blocking in BT Telephones
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