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Whether you are at home or in the office it is likely that you will have multiple devices which require Internet connection. Nowadays we have the Internet of Everything whereby not only the usual suspects such as laptops, phones and tablets require an Internet connection ( wired or Wi-Fi ) but there are consoles, TV’s. printers, fridges, toasters, cameras… almost anything can require a Wi-Fi or wired connection.

Of course modern builds often have full CAT-5 Ethernet wired in as basic though the vast majority of houses in the UK were not constructed with Wi-Fi in mind. This means that these thick-walled sturdily built houses are not what one could call Wi-Fi friendly. Frequently a home or office’s broadband Internet connection is supplied in the same spot of the house as the old phone line – this means, most likely, that the point at which the main Wi-Fi network is supplied from is limited to one corner of the house. As a further result any wired devices ( those that require or would work better with an Ethernet connection) are difficult to connect without having to pipe wires around the house.

Internet Access Solutions

The lack of decent connectivity, dead spots and poor Wi-Fi signal, being a perennial issue for many people has caused some ingenious solutions. Solutions that do not involve drilling out cavities throughout your Victorian home and having a full network of CAT-5 cables installed.

Socket Extenders

These work using powerline technology by which the existing copper power wires that have existed in very building since sometime in the 19th century are used as conduits for the broadband signal. This has the effect of allowing one to pass through the signal to parts that other methods could not reach. Products such as the BT Broadband Network Wall Socket Extender 600 Kit allow this pass through to provide a full strength Ethernet socket anywhere in the house that you have a plug socket ( and that is generally a lot of places ). An even more advanced concept is the BT Mini Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 600 Kit which not only provides two Ethernet ports ( great for Smart TVs ) in the satellite plugs , but also will create its own Wi-Fi network from the spot that it is connected, this is a really great piece of invention as they can be placed in the optimum spot for additional coverage, be it in a factory, an office or the garden. These two products can support streaming of up to 500mbps. More advanced products exist such as the BT 11ac Wi-Fi Home Hotspot Plus 1000 series which will allow speeds of up to 1000mbps.


Some computers – of the desktop variety – do not have built in Wi-Fi – once can purchase quite cheaply a Wi-Fi dongle for these which just slots into the USB port and makes it a wireless device. Similarly there are 3g and 4g dongles which can be plugged into computer or laptop which will allow web access anywhere within the GSM network ( most of the UK at least ). Mobile broadband hotspots are also a great idea – basically they allow the conversion of a mobile data signal to WiFi so they create a hotspot for wifi enabled devices to connect to.

Wi-Fi Extenders

Though not as perfect as the powerline passthrough extenders these can pick up a Wi-Fi network signal and throw it a little father throughout the house. Products such as the BT Wi-Fi Extender 300 and the BT 11ac Dual-Band Wi-Fi Extender 1200 will extend your WiFi to spots otherwise inaccessible.



Other Home Networking

Telephones Online also stock routers which can be used to replace existing routers and deliver an enhanced WiFi signal.

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