Well for those of you who don’t actually know how the early telephones worked here is a great little video we found on the Internet Archive. It is an animated instructional dialogue aimed at the inner workings of those antique phones – with clear directions as how the circuits are made and broken and how the phone call is connected to the earpiece.

It is truly amazing really when you think about the limited technology they had at their disposal in those days but what sophistication they could achieve. And, indeed, perhaps more amazingly that this film was made in 1928 – recently in the grand scale of things.

So if you find yourself in a post apocalypse situation then make sure that you have this page bookmarked so that you can use its information to create a new society based upon classic technology – a technology which overleaps itself as it runs.

We, in the office have watched this film ( a couple of times ) and now feel pretty confident as to how phones work.