With the ubiquitous availability of high speed broadband more and more people are either choosing to work from home for their employers ( see Government Flexible Working Initiative ) or setting up small offices at home from which to run their businesses.

So – what are the main factors to consider when setting up a home office or workstation?


It is important when working from home that you create some sort of feeling that you are at work. Sitting on the sofa with a laptop may well be extremely comfortable but it does not engender a professional and efficient work ethic. Find a place where you are sitting at a desk, with as little distraction as possible, pour a coffee and work.

Times and Breaks

Just as in a normal business place it is important to work to a plan. We suggest that you start work at a set time each day and give yourself proper break times – at least one each two hours – that way you will always work with a decent level of application and concentration. Try to imagine also that you have a boss who could walk in at any moment, so try to keep your non work social media to a minimum.

Dress Code

This may seem unimportant, but studies have shown that just getting dressed properly for work ( even in a home office ) makes your subconscious go into work mode, we don’t want to go into the complex psychology of uniforms in this article, but believe us – it works.


BT ConverseWe all know that tools of work are important and in creating an office in the home, not only will good equipment make your work easier, but it will give you an increased level of satisfaction. The main items that you will need are the following:

  • Chair and Desk – as above – your posture and position are important
  • Computer – a poorly maintained computer will slow down your work-rate massively – we would suggest that a home office PC is used only for that – don’t let the kids touch it!!
  • Communications – in many jobs it is necessary to actually talk to people sometimes, be they customers, clients or colleagues – in order to maintain a professional presence it is important to have the right equipment – as we know about that in detail we will deal with that below.
  • Food – well, no working day should go by without some food. We have found that the best way to organise your home workplace lunch is to take a packed lunch in with you, thus removing the tendency to finish up the washing up and get distracted by household chores as a result.


If you are going to be on the phone a lot whilst working from home then a good desktop telephone is a necessity. We also suggest a dedicated line for work related calls. There are several features we would recommend when working from home :

The main items that you will need are the following:

  • Caller Display – it is good to know who is calling
  • Decent Telephone Directory – many corded desktop phones will have a built in directory, allowing you quick and easy access to your numbers
  • Handsfree – if you are going to be kept on hold for any time a speakerphone is great to have
  • Answering Machine – possible not crucial, but a good idea nonetheless – an answermachine can provide useful cover if you are on the school run
  • Headset Port – adding a telephone headset to your phone can help you in a number of ways: it keeps your hands free whilst talking on the phone and it cuts out background noise for both parties.

Other useful features include the facility to turn off the ringer, call timers and a clear screen.

Perhaps the best phones to look at for your home office are BT Converse Phones which can bee seen on our website on the link below. The Converse 2100, 2200 and 2300’s have most of the features above.
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