Well a lot going on these days in the world of mobile. Android has gained a lot of ground on Apple’s iPhone, despite the iPhone 6 and 6s, and is considered an equal alternative by many.

The top manufacturers apart from Apple are Samsung ( who started out as dried fish traders ), Nokia ( initially a wood pulping company ) and the younger companies – HTC, BlackBerry and Sony who are enjoying varied success in the smartphone market.

Telephones Online are loving the concept of buying yourself a mobile phone rather than having to sign up for an expensive and long term contract. After years of falling for the promise of a ‘free’ mobile phone once a year, once every 18 months, once every two years and seeing that these expensive items now come with a price tag meaning that the total cost of ownership easily comes to a thousand pounds over the two years.

So we look at some of the SIM free smartphones that are available on Telephones Online at the moment.

It could be said that nowadays the choice is an either or one as Apple and Samsung have emerged to take almost 80% of the Market with 45% and 32% of the UK smartphone market respectively. It’s down, in various parts to a matter of taste, to what you are used to, budget and almost certainly a slight and difficult to explain posturing on the part of the owner. This can be split into the “jesus phone” attitude and Jobsian fervour that surrounds the collective attitude towards the iPhones various iterations and, on the other side of the fence are those that react to this religious wonder by wishing to make a choice off their own backs and demonstrate their non conformity by opting for the 32% of the population choice.

The main flagship models for these companies are the following :

  • Apple iPhone : iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus+
  • Samsung Galaxy : Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge

Irrespective of your personal choice here we would like to look at the two main streams of models

iPhone 6 Series


With the latest iPhone 6 models we have seen a slimmer and less solid frame which prompted some people so suggest ( bendgate ) that they could bend in your pocket. This issue appears to have been forgotten about and the iPhone sixes are ubiquitous. The plus models attain almost phablet size whilst the S models have brought what is referred to as 3d to the touch interface. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus series carry the most brilliant screens to date to the iPhone series.

Samsung Galaxy 7 and Edge


Samsung’s Galaxy series are massively popular and, though I say so myself, a joy to use. Android is a super usable interface which allows the freedom of the widgetised screen and a less controlled environment.

Both phones actually cost about the same and do pretty much the same so really its a toss up for the new user or a decision for the experienced.

What is potentially more interesting is what will come next in the smartphone world, okay we can be pretty sure that they will be called the Samsung Galaxy 8 and the iPhone 7 but what more do we want out of a new smartphone? Well we asked a few people what new features they would like and apart from a few ideas like DAB radios, wide angle lenses, flexible screens and so on the prevalent answer was a longer battery life..

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