The acme, the zenith, that full on, all encompassing solution that you want for your home telecoms set up is most likely going to be a multi-handset cordless phone system with answer phone built in. Well short of taking a business switchboard home it is anyway. Here we will review the distinctive features of these digital multi handset systems :

What is a Multi Handset System?

Gigaset Triple Handset SystemsTypically any DECT phone comes with a base station and a handset that site up on it. The base station is the main transmitter and needs to be plugged into the telephone socket – it then sends out a signal to the cordless handset which allows one the freedom of movement and conversation within its range ( typically from 50-100 meters indoors ). The base station, h however, can be registered with several handsets simultaneously so that one can create a twin set with another handset, or a triple ( sometimes know as a trio ) or four handsets – a quad system. each of these additional handsets will need power in order to remain charged but as long as they are in range of the base station they can be places, strategically, around the house.

What are the additional benefits of more than one cordless handset?

As each handset communicates with the base you can answer the phone from anywhere that the base is stationed. Handsets can also transfer calls between themselves so that if you, say, answer the call and it is for someone else you are able to transfer from kitchen handset to bedroom handset in a simple call transfer operation. Handsets can also talk to each other in much the same way as walkie talkies/ intercom.
Further you will, from each handset be able to access the main base’s functions to set ringer volumes and access a shared contact directory stored on the base itself.

BT 7500 Quad Multi Handset Telephones

Answer machine Functions

Naturally with each of the additional handsets you will be able to access the answer machine’s functions such as :

  •   » setting answer machine on and off
  •   » changing ringer delay
  •   » listening to and deleting messages
  •   » recording new outgoing messages
  •   » more – model dependent functions

Many people will decide that a twin set is completely sufficient for their home but if you have home offices, garden outhouses, guest rooms or just a large house then triple or quad multi handset systems will be in order. These systems can also provide the necessary functionality of a small office switchboard and are used in many small businesses as just that.

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