Just as nowadays it seems that everyone has an iphone about 15 years, in the early days of mobile proliferation, go that almost everyone had a Nokia Mobile. There were a few with Motorola and Ericsson of course, but I estimate that, of mobile phone users, at least 80% had a Nokia – usually the same model.

It continued like that for many years. Nokia had a reputation for quality and reliability and the OS had an easy to use familiarity which kept users looking with eagerness for each upgrade. The latest Nokia phone was the phone to have. Although the operating system/ GUI stayed pretty much the same for years and the built in game ‘snakes’ did not improve much, they were ubiquitous and good, desirable and popular.

Early Nokia Phones

Nokia N95

Nokia’s great leap, in our opinion was with the Nokia N95 – this marked a divergence from the usual interface and brought Symbian to the fore – it was an amazingly featured mobile phone :

  •  » Karl Zeiss 5 megapixel camera
  •  » Groundbreaking portrait and landscape modes
  •  » Full GPS and Sat nav
  •  » Fantastic Media for Music and Video
  •  » Fast Game Play

The Nokia N95 was, perhaps its finest moment, but not for long as soon after the release of the N95 Apple disrupted the industry with it’s iPhone.

For a few years Nokia kept up the battle with new improved N range mobiles but it’s market share for top end phones diminished slowly, and then rapidly as Android powered smartphones from the likes of HTC and Samsung caught the public’s attention. Initially these may have been considered a ‘poor man’s iPhone’ but it was not long before people started realising, the world over, that Android was a fully featured OS with great facility and a huge network of canny developers.

Nokia still maintained its market dominance in lower cost phones in the developing world whilst low cost Android phones filled that space in the more wealthy nations.

Nokia was rapidly plummeting in popularity – it was a fashionable as Microsoft with the same sort of public image – that of boring, high quality, dependable, old fashioned and certainly unsexy.

Nokia and Microsoft

Well Nokia explored many avenues with what do do in the face of such sophisticated competition – and it was starting to lose ground even in low cost handsets as many countries started producing their own. Shelving the development of new operating systems Nokia made an apparently odd decision to get into bed with Microsoft. What Nokia was doing was getting back to its real forte which is in hardware rather than operating systems whereas Microsoft was patently the opposite.

Nokia Lumia on Windows Video

Now, as I have mentioned neither company had much ‘je ne sais quoi’ about them but, in our opinion they have created something truly sexy. Now it will be a while before consumers come around to trusting either company to provide a ‘Jobbsian’ product, but they have. It’s not generally accepted just how good Nokia Windows phones are but we believe that as they make inroads into market penetration and friends show friends and the word gets around, more and more people will look at adopting this truly stunning and intuitive interface – a great mobile phone.

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