Nuisance calls are in the news a lot these days so we thought we would bring up a few points in a summary.


Firstly let me define what I think is a nuisance call – it is not when your daughter rings up and asks you to pick her and her friends up and drive them into town – that is just the sort of thing you have to expect in life. A nuisance call is when someone you don’t know rings you up with something you don’t want.

Marketing drives a lot of what happens in the world and having a talkie machine in your house is just way too tempting for the less scrupulous marketers. These people are rarely actually offering say product x for a price y – they are looking to get involved with a legal claim, say Payment Protection Insurance, Personal Injury or that sort of thing. They ring anyone, as much as they like and they bully.

Richard Lloyd, executive director of the consumer group Which? said: “Nuisance calls aren’t just annoying, they can intimidate people too, so regulators must continue to slap down firms that treat cold-calling rules with disdain.

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The first thing that I read this week was an article in the Telegraph which was a direct reminder as to why we are plagued with nuisance calls – because it is so lucrative – we see here the sort of people living the life of riley on the back of making unwanted calls and often oppressing the most vulnerable in society. In the UK at least though laws have changed in order too make it easier for ICO ( Information Commissioner’s Office ) to levy large fines upon these @&£$%$s people.



Then, we had to enjoy the wonderful irony of this article from the Guardian : Nuisance call-blocking company fined for ‘bullying and aggressive’ calls ; I mean – you couldn’t make it up could you.


Ed Vaizey, the minister for culture and the digital economy, said: “For too long nuisance calls have plagued consumers, often at very inconvenient times of the day and in some cases leaving vulnerable people like the elderly too scared to answer the phone.That’s why we’re determined to tackle this scourge through the first ever nuisance calls action plan. We’ve already made progress including making it easier for Ofcom to share information with the ICO about companies breaking the rules, and we’re currently looking at lowering or removing the legal threshold before firms could be hit with fines of up to £500,000.”


Well, whilst we wait to see how this well intentioned legislation affects the deluge of unwanted calls we should defend our home phone with the addition of one of these DECT telephones which allow you the power to control who calls you – see our range here and if you want further information then get in touch with one of our team on 0800 652 4949.