A customer from West Sussex sent us in his thoughts about mobile phones. Some are great , some can be taken with a pinch of salt we believe.

Mr B

Project Manager, West Sussex

Phone Cases

Well it is kind of mad to think that a few thousand years of design progress can be seen to have reached an acme in the iPhone ( by the Brit Jonathan Ive ). It is considered by many to have managed to encompass perfection in ratio, layout and finish. Then people buy them and stick a cheap case on it. We can not say that all iPhone cases are bad ( there’s some nice ones at Maikai iPhone cases ) but you would not buy a Porsche and wrap it in blankets would you?


“Better Camera”, “Low Light”, “Pixel Density” and all that – we are assailed by promises of huge high quality photos from Apple, Samsung, Sony and others and we say ” ooh my phone has such a good camera” and then we upload them at reduced quality to Google Photos ( which is excellent by the way ) and only view them on a screen some 5 inches in size. Of course if you want to have a photo taken on your mobile printed up a good camera is essential.


A telephone by definition is for talking over distance ( from the Greek obviously ). Possibly the least likely thing that you are going to do with a mobile is actually talk on it. In actual day to day reality we check news, do our social media, play games, Snapchat, Whassap, Instagram, do our banking, shop, tweet – in fact all manner of things . Actually taking and making phone calls is becoming a rarity for many smartphone users. So what should we call these devices?

Smashed Screens

We all know that phones get dropped and on most of these occasions the screen will smash into a million pieces. It is evident that a lot of people just don’t mind. It is estimated that over 60% of mobile phone users continue to operate their phones with smashed screens, often revealing state of the art circuitry beneath. Now, we have thrown some sort of doubt on the concept of cases, but please either put on a rugged screen protector on your phone or stop dropping them. And – if it’s broken fix it! As the story goes.

Walking Around

Well we all know how that vital and up to date data streams through to the beautiful screen on our mobiles 24/7, but really. Is it even necessary to walk down the street, cross the road and still be gazing at the screen without doing the most wonderful thing that a person can do which is to enjoy the world. Virtual reality is almost an oxymoron – really. Reality is not a blurred concept it is all that is going on in he world. So put your phone in your pocket and smell the roses and watch out for fast moving cars.

Old Mobiles

With the stupendous rate of change in mobile technology and flagship launches taking place on a daily basis many people upgrade their phones more often that they can afford – certainly more often than really is necessary. That means that there are often unused, yet very good, phones sitting in old drawers. So I say – get them out, sell them, give them away or donate them to charity – do something good for others and the environment.

Odd Thoughts re Mobiles
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