Product Review – Cisco SPA302D

Cordless VoIP Telephone

For a small business or even a home business we have found a perfect tool. This small system allows cordless access to VoIP calling over DECT. A home internet connection can easily carry the packets of data necessary to cut down calling costs ( save money on your phone bill ) .

It features a vibrant colour screen which gives access to an intuitive operating system which allows the management of multi line calls.

The system is expandable which can allow multiple handsets to be registered to the base ( included ) and thence call transfer is enabled.

Additional specifications that we found useful are that the battery lasts all day with ease and that there is an included belt clip. The handset houses a decent speakerphone though some may prefer the convenience of the integral headset jack.

Cisco SPA302D

The perfect small business or office or even home office Cordless VoIP Phone.