We have been selling home cordless phones since the last millennium so its fair to say that we have had quite a few conversations with people who are looking to replace their corded home phone with a cordless one or just upgrade their existing cordless phone. That has been the general trend over the past years as technology has improved year on year to make the desktop, traditional telephone almost a thing of the past in most homes.


Well , once one has ascertained that it is, indeed, a cordless phone in the offing there a re a few questions that will need considering :

  • How many handsets will you need?
  • Do you require an answermachine?
  • Would handsfree speakerphone be useful?
  • Is a colour screen desirable?
  • What brand should I choose?

How Many Handsets Will You Need?

For many people a basic one handset system is a good starting point. Additional handsets can be purchased for most GAP compatible base stations and will massively add to the functionality of the phones. with two or more handsets you will have access to call transfer and intercom facilities as well as shared telephone directories on some systems.

Do You Require An Answermachine?

This is really a matter of personal choice – most telephones now come with a built in digital answermachine and this can save money as you then have a free messaging service – additionally often it is possible to remotely access the answer machine which is a nice feature if you are away from home. Of course many people will now call your mobile if they can not reach you via your landline so to some extent the answer machine will be predominantly used for official calls – i.e. people who don’t have your mobile number.

Would Handsfree Speakerphone Be Useful?

A great many DECT handsets now have integral hands free built in to the handset. This can be a useful feature for if you are on hold for extended periods or just have some sort of occupation which is easier to do with both hands – I, for one sometimes use the speaker phone whilst washing up or cooking. It is certainly a useful feature.

Is a Colour Screen Desirable?

A colour screen on a home phone is one of those features which can not be described as necessary really but which can give that something special to the look and use of the phone.

What Brand Should I Choose?

There are many well established manufacturers in the UK such as Panasonic, BT ( British Telecom ) and Gigaset ( formerly Siemens Gigaset ) who all make cordless phones which are well known for their quality.

Additional Features

Other things which are worth considering are the following – not basic features but built in functionality which can enhance the user excperience :

  • eco mode – this reduces power consumption and saves money and reduces CO2 emissions as a result
  • nuisance call blocking – various measures implemented to minimise the chance of spam callers from geting through such as Call Guardian© and True Call©

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