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Odd Thoughts re Mobiles

Odd Thoughts re Mobiles

A customer from West Sussex sent us in his thoughts about mobile phones. Some are great , some can be taken with a pinch of salt we believe.

What’s a Smartphone?

We were chatting the other day about our smartphones, me saying that they cost the same as a small car these days and that it was a crazy outlay for such a small thing, and a friend pointed out that, yes, a few hundred quid was a lot of money, but considering the...

Nokia and Microsoft

Just as nowadays it seems that everyone has an iphone about 15 years, in the early days of mobile proliferation, go that almost everyone had a Nokia Mobile. There were a few with Motorola and Ericsson of course, but I estimate that, of mobile phone users, at least 80%...

Samsung S3 Latest Update

The latest update for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean has not been without its problems. Some of the benefits include support for the new Galaxy Gear smartphone watch that we have been hearing about. A new Samsung Keyboard, and new Samsung screen modes...

SIM Free Mobiles – why?

Dont know if this have ever happened to you, but it has to me. I have seen a friend with a lovely new and shiny state of the art mobile phone and heard the phrase "it was free". Similarly I have been sneered at for being on (spit) "Pay as You Go". Pay as you go has...

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