Replace Your Home Phone

with a new one

You may look occasionally at your home phone, sitting in its corner, kind of ignored. It rings every so often; possibly a nuisance call, a relative, a wrong number, a supplier… that sort of thing.
The cordless phone is no longer the crucial hub of the home communications environment.
In times gone by it was the epicentre of all external data transmission with the outside world. A family member on a long phone call would be glared at and signalled “how long you going to be on the phone“. Literally, and this will be of some surprise to younger readers, if one person was on a call, the entire household had no way of communicating with the outside world. Of course nowadays we have free flowing data streams from a variety of products; mobiles, tablets, TV’s, computers, Alexa, Google Hub… even fridges communicate with the outside world.
So we have to ask… what purpose does the home phone serve?

Some Landline Telephones over the years

We are, of course, biased in some ways – we have been selling home phones : cordless and corded for well over 20 years which takes us back to the previous century, millennium even. We have seen DECT technology take over from the traditional analogue cordless phones an seen many features be added to the simple landline phone such as :

  • SpeakerPhones
  • Colour Screens
  • Nuisance Call Blocking
  • SIM Synchronisation
  • Eco Friendly Mode
  • Caller Display

To name but a few of our favourites.

Our view is this : a landline phone for now can be seen as back up, a reliable, always there and ( in the case of corded phones ) able to power itself from the phone socket, hence working in the case of emergency. It could also be well said that in many households it would be a very good idea to have some downtime from the constant pressures and distractions of the ‘alwayson‘ world in which we live. Turning off all devices and leaving the landline telephone connected could allow a bit of respite in this frantic world.

There is also a lot to be said for actually using a decent telephone handset. They are comfortable to hold and easy to use. Sound quality is not affected by Network strength and the simple one use operation of a proper home telephone allows a far less multi-channel interaction with technology.

So, keep your iPhone, charge up your tablets, love your Galaxy, ask Alexa anything you want, but we suggest that the trusty home phone should stay – it’s good to just talk…

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Think About replacing your home phone
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