Gigaset ( formerly Siemens Gigaset ) are a leading European manufacturer of cordless home telephones and a leading light in the production of low power, low radiation and eco friendly phones. Perhaps the star of the portfolio at the moment is the Gigaset C620A – a DECT Phone which comes as a single handset version or the option of extending it to Twin and Triple Multihandset Versions.

Why Buy a Gigaset C620A

This is no ordinary DECT Home phone. The most striking thing, once you have charged up the handsets is the beautiful and vibrant screen. These handsets come with large ( 1.8 inch ) TFT screens with full colour display. This allows access ( via a nicely backlit key pad ) to a really intuitive menu system which runs the many features of the phone such as the digital answer machine and the 250 name and number directory. Further nice features include a speakerphone built into the handset which can be great if you are in the kitchen or just on hold for ages.


The C620A has some unexpected little gems in its make up as well such as baby monitor mode – in effect using one of the handsets as a baby monitor with options of sensitivity settings and the facility to wall mount the main base station.


eco friendly phonesIn keeping with Gigaset’s commitment to the environment the phone has been built using recyclable materials and not using harmful substances. It also is eco friendly – a greener phone.

Advanced Call Management

the C620A’s built in Call protection allows access to features including call blocking of withheld numbers or blacklisted numbers as well as being able to set the phone on timed periods of silence to allow for a nap or a period of undisturbed comtemplation.

Gigaset C620A Video Review

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This telephone has won awards – such as the prestigious Reddot Design Award as well as Which Best Cordless Phone and in our view is one of the best cordless phones available in the UK. It has HSP ( High Sound Performance ) and – to add to your ease of use a very long battery life.

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