Sagemcom is a french based manufacturer of high end home electricals, specialising in communications, be it speech or data. In the world of telephones they have a reputation for quality and build as well as creating some striking designs in the cordless phone market such as the Sagemcom Sixty which is a cordless phone which looked like a retro corded phone.


The Sagemcom D770A is yet another DECT telephone which breaks the mould with its innovative design. The phone comes on a small base station and charges whilst sitting in a transparent socket – giving the impression that the handset is hovering above the base.


Further, the handset is shaped with a futuristic taper towards the top, ending with a large and clear, 5 lined, LCD display with a pure white backlight. This display allows access to a lovely icon driven interface to control and access the functions on the DECT and GAP compatible telephone and answer machine.


The Sagemcom D770A includes the useful addition of a handsfree speakerphone on the handset and a 100 name and number directory. being DECT it will have the usual range of up to 300m and will give the call clarity of a corded phone over that range.


The phone also comes with a complement of polyphonic ringtones which just add beautifully to the striking design of the D770A which can truly be considered a designer telephone in its own right.

They are available to purchase here : » the Sagemcom D770A
at a great saving from the RRP


Sagemcom D770A Spec Sheet