We have some fantastic new home networking products in stock from Sagemcom – a French Global Electronics manufacturing company which provides a great range in home entertainment and communications from cordless phones, designer phones and cheap home networking. As these are new in stock we thought we would have a proper look at them ourselves and see what each model does, especially as it can be confusing trying to choose a WiFi extender when there appear to be so many options.

Many of the products utilise what is called the PLC NETWORK which refers to the Power Line Network in your home ( or office ) – the cabling for plugs and powerpoints and are perfect for linking up anything from games consoles and Smart TVs to iPads, smartphones, kindles and the like to your home network.


Sagemcom F@ST Plug 501 Duo Powerline Adapter

This contains all you need to set up your first PLC network, the pack consisting of one plug which is the one which starts the process of directing your internet connection into your plug sockets ( an odd concept at first but a clever solution ) . This first plug goes into a power socket and is connected to an outgoing port on your router – the sort you would connect a computer to. Once this first step is completed you can take the other F@st Plug and plug it in anywhere you would like an additional Ethernet socket. This is not a WiFi extender but the means by which you can create an additional hard wired and fast internet port anywhere in your home.
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Sagemcom F@ST Plug 501P DUO 500Mbps Powerline Adaptor with Passthrough

This is very similar in function to the 501 Duo above but each of the adaptors carries a standard UK three pin plug socket meaning that you lose no sockets by virtue of the installation of this device. This can be particularly helpful as nowadays plug sockets are often few and far between in the family home.
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Sagemcom F@ST Multi Pack Powerline Adapter

Like the 501P Duo above this comprises the initial adaptor to connect your router’s outgoing signal to the PLC Network in your home and a satellite plug which, as above, can go anywhere that you want a hard wired connection to the internet via an Ethernet port. Unlike the above models the secondary adaptor has three Ethernet ports allowing multiple device connection. This may well make it perfect for a busy room or office which has computers or additional Smart TVs. Certainly if you live in a house where your primary internet router does not come into the main social area/ living room as often a room like that will require several hard wired connections, acting as it does as the digital entertainment focus of the family.
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Sagemcom F@ST Plug Wi-Fi Pack

This is one up on the previous model incorporating not just a powerthrough adaptor for router/PLC connection but with a satellite adaptor ( shown by itself below ) which will not only pick up the internet connection from the PLC and allow connection of two devices via its Ethernet ports but also transmits a boosted Wifi signal throughout the area creating a new WiFi zone perfect for laptops, smartphones and tablets – indeed and domestic WiFi appliance.
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Sagemcom F@ST Plug 502W Powerline Wi-Fi Extender

This consists of one item. It is plugged into power and receives its internet connection from an existing PLC network. From there it can relay your signal via WiFi – boosting our home network’s range and also allow up to two devices to connect to its Ethernet ports such as gaming consoles or Smart Tvs.
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