Well I have ( like most of us ) been through many mobile phones in the 16 years since my first, I have used a variety from Philips, Mitsubishi, Nokia,Ericsson, Treo Palm, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi – yes a load of them – maybe more than average, maybe the same. Each mobile has had a decent amount of use and there’s some which I look back on with great fondness – I suppose that the Palm Treo ( first ‘smartphone’ ), the HTC Hero ( first Android ) , the Ericsson T68 ( first colour screen ) and the Nokia N95 ( first GPS Media Phone ) are the notable favourites in a list documented here : on Pinterest but with my latest addition I think I may have surpassed them all.

Whilst each mobile I have owned has had some endearing feature, I guess that each one has also had a drawback, be it battery life, screen responsiveness, sound, lack of memory, camera, glitches, operating system and so on – this latest purchase does seem to cover all bases in one handset.

I have never, I don’t think fallen for any misplaced loyalty to any brand of mobile, but Samsung has held a place in my heart since my first Galaxy S3 and having spent a very enjoyable year or so in the company of Xiaomi, when that started faltering my first thought was to return to the South Korean fold. Now, to tell the truth I hankered massively for the Galaxy S7 edge – having spotted the gorgeous looking phone in other people’s hands upon a few occasions but although the Samsung flagship ( well it was ) appeared the ultimate I just could not justify spending so much on a phone. Hence I explored the ‘non flagship’ models.

It is funny you know that if you asked anyone in the street to name a Samsung Galaxy Model my guess is that hardly anyone would be able to name but a few Galaxy S series models. I looked long and hard at the cheaper priced models in the Galaxy range and thought, well, let’s go for it. I discounted the J series as I had heard poor feedback about them so looked at the Galaxy A range….homing in slowly to the Galaxy A3 as I liked the idea of a slightly smaller screen size and the price suited…In my normal purchasing frenzy I bought the Gold A3 ( 2017). I felt that I should go for the most up to date model that I could so that I could get more familiar with new updated Android Versions that I had heard so much about.

So I get the phone and charge it up, the SIM is tiny – nano SIM and fits into the same slip out bit as the iPhone with one of those things that look like paper clips to get it out. It was the first phone for a long while without a removable battery so I hoped that that would be good as in the past I have carried around fully charged spares when out for a long day or evening. I installed all the fave apps ( Viber, Whassapp, Magic Seaweed, Instagram, Stick Cricket, Google Fit, TV/ News Apps etc ) …. and whacked in a SD card with 30 gig of music as that is a no brainer and I was off.

Inital Thoughts

Drawbacks – I always look for these first – the phone has 16gig of onboard memory and I reckon that maybe 2 gig is taken up with pre-installed apps from Samsung and Microsoft – does my heads in that. The camera also seems to need longer to focus than previously owned models – leaving blurry reslults. Apart form that I had no gripes with the phone at all, well apart from the fingerprint unlock which is a wee glitchy.

Good things

These are there in abundance – well it is waterproof which is a great thing to know about your phone although I doubt that I will ever risk it. The new Android Version 7.0 had a lot of nice enhancements which were easy to find and use. I couldn’t for the life of me find a way to move apps to the SD card, though i admit that I have not even looked on Google for a solution.

The best things about the Galaxy A3

Well it is the first gold phone I have ever had, but that said the best things are the battery life – even without battery saver implemented the phone can make it though over 36 hours easily of decent use ( streaming, games, calls etc ) without getting below 30% – this, as all will know, a massive boon for a phone – it makes me happy. Android Auto has also been a revelation – it being an in car experience allowing the “OK GOOGLE” access to phone calls, music, text and even Whassap – the new Google Assistant promises a lot and it will be exciting to see if they will be able to deliver the sort of experience that we would all love.

In Summary the Samsung Galaxy A3 is just a dream to use, it is fast and feature packed. The more compact ( compared to the over 5 inch flagships so common these days ) design is refreshingly good to handle and the battery life means that one does not glance at the screen with worry like someone checking their bank balance during Christmas shopping season ( me in fact ). To view the many options for the Galaxy A range see the website here or if you are feeling like one of the latest Samsung’s like the Galaxy S8 Series check out them here

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