greener eco telephonesWell we are all aware of the growing threat of global warming and, indeed the UK has been blasted by the wettest winter since records began ( and potentially the wettest cricket team as well ) and need to do our part to minimise our carbon footprints (C02 output). There are many ways in which a person can do this, but in order to really make a difference one needs to look at every aspect of your power usage in order to make carbon savings. More and more of us are questioning what affect any action we take will have on the environment before making a decision. There are a huge number of household goods available now which have eco friendly power saving properties and more and more of us are taking heed.

Telephones are no different, of course, especially cordless phones. The way in which a cordless phone communicates with its base station means that, traditionally, there is constant ( though low ) power usage to maintain connection – an eco friendly cordless phone will use 60% less energy than a normal DECT phone – it does this by limiting the frequency of base-handset communications. Of course, your telephone using less power means that your carbon footprint is lessened and you make savings on your electricity bill.

Further Greener Features

greener eco telephonesFurther to the energy saving features on these Eco DECT Phones the manufacturers have taken into account the actual components used and their effect on the environment. Gigaset for one have not used lead in their phones for many years now, whilst BT ensure that all packaging used is made of recyclable materials which are FSC certified.

Eco Friendly Cordless Telephones

As we have said above both BT and Gigaset have made great efforts to bring out eco friendly cordless telephones in many price brackets. If you are looking to buy a twin set telephone we can recommend the Gigaset A420A Twin whilst the BT 6500 has great green credentials as well as having a nuisance call blocking feature – further green eco friendly phones can be seen here.

Further Eco info on Greener Telephones

More information is on Gigaset’s eco DECT policy are available at Gigaset on eco DECT

Should I buy an eco friendly home phone?
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Should I buy an eco friendly home phone?
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