Dont know if this have ever happened to you, but it has to me. I have seen a friend with a lovely new and shiny state of the art mobile phone and heard the phrase “it was free“. Similarly I have been sneered at for being on (spit) “Pay as You Go“. Pay as you go has been associated since its inception with those who can get credit, teenagers or the poor. However we feel that it is time that people realised that this should not be the case.

In essence having a mobile phone on contract is akin to buying a car on Hire Purchase

SIM Free or Contract

Take for example the case of a new car. If someone turns up at the office with a new car and he/ she has bought it outright for cash everyone is quite impressed whereas most people for cash flow reasons wil buy one, paying by installments.
Here, we must see that the way in which people on mobile contracts buy their smartphones is exactly that.
The £30-40 that someone generally pays for a contract mobile comprises well over 60% of repayments for the handset itself. Somehow the mobile phone operators, be they Orange/ EE, T-Mobile/EE/ O2 , 3 and Vodafone have made users believe that they are somehow second class citizens for buying, and owning their own phone rather than going for the subsidy and paying for it over the term of the contract.


I, for one, found that my contract had become more and more expensive over the years, once free phone insurance was now an optional extra, contracts had gone from 12 to 24 months and every year I promised that I would switch to prepay system.
However, it is difficult to keep one’s mind clear of the temptations of new mobile phones – every
where you turn there is an advert splashed with colour for the latest iPhone, the new HTC One or the new release of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy. It is just so distracting. So as the contract’s time ebbed away i would find myself idly flicking through the newest smartphone models and setting reminders to call up my network provider on a certain date to say those magic words :” yes, send me the latest phone, free“.

Well a couple of years back I managed to break free from that tyranny and now I am PAYG ( God I hope no one finds out ) and my monthly costs have dropped by nearly 75%.

I am now very happy with the set up. I now am no longer buying an expensive mobile over a two year period on hire purchase. I own my own phone and I buy a new one when the fancy takes me. Actually today I bought one of them from the website and it is perfect, and all mine.