Telephones Online are pleased to sell a large range of SIM Free Mobile phones, some refurbished some brand new; latest models from the top manufacturers such as the Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, HTC and Nokia Windows phones.
The beauty about buying your own phone outright is that you don’t get tied up in a contract that can cost a hell of a lot. For example I got flustered by the beauty of the Google Pixel recently and looked online and the TCO ( Total Cost of Ownership ) for the 24 months came to £1353.53 which comes – over two years – to about a thousand pounds more expensive than my current solution which involved buying a very high spec Android Phone online and using a pre paid SIM card ( GiffGaff incidentally ). What’s more is that no only are you free of a contract but you are also free to change networks as it suits you.

Refurbished Mobiles

So – what should you consider when buying a SIM Free mobile for your self ( or for a friend or family member for that matter ) – well there’s a couple of initial things that should be born in mind, and I start with the assumption that the purchaser already has an idea as to the type of phone that is wanted – be it Android, iPhone or Windows or other even.

Mobile Operating System

The choice of operating system for a mobile phone user often will be dictated by familiarity – a lot of people may find the shift between Apple’s IOS, Android or Windows just too much to deal with, further many of the operating systems ( particularly Apple’s ) contain platform specific features which make it very difficult to leave. If you use for example, iMessage, Facetime, iCloud, Apple Music or suchlike you may find it terrible to leave IOS for pastures greener. Foolishly it could appear that leaving Android or Windows to make the move to IOS is far simpler as many ( if not all ) of Google’s mobile apps work cross platform.


Latest Smartphone Model?

The actual model one chooses will, in general be dictated by budget. For example if looking at Samsung’s offerings in the Galaxy range then it could well be that a cheaper or older model will suffice rather than going for the latest in Samsung – the Galaxy 7 Edge. The latest iPhone also will cost you upwards of £600 whilst a perfectly good iPhone ( say the iPhone 5s ) can be had for under £200.
As I say – it comes down to a mixture of factors such as budget, nerd level, image level and even one must say that necessity for certain features could be a factor – but really who needs 3d touch really or a phone with a bevelled screen?
On a personal level I find that buying a phone two generations old usually suffices me.


Brand New or Refurbished?

cat-certifiedThe whole concept of the sale of ‘second user’ equipment has evolved massively over recent years with many major retailers operating Outlet stores alongside their main ones. The reasons for this are that an item can not be sold as brand new if it has been opened so many products are purchased in store and online and returned unused ( or used for a day or so ) as unwanted and the last thing that the environmentally conscious retailer wants to do is to throw it away.
Indeed the market for refurbished products is growing as retailers make their operations more efficient and the public realise that these units are in many cases ‘as new’ and backed by good customer support and proper warranties.
Naturally buying a refurbished mobile will be a lot cheaper than buying a new one – always good to save money. Many retailers ( such as us at Telephones Online ) have a grading system by which all A Grade refurbished mobile phones will be guaranteed to have screens free from scratches and will look and act as a new phone – though may be supplied in a box other than the original. Even greater savings can be had by buying a Grade B mobile – which may display signs of use.

A Conclusion

From personal experience and from the feedback from many of our customers it is clear that buying a refurbished mobile phone really does represent, in many cases, a great way to buy your next smartphone. You have much lower costs as well as a far greater freedom. Not being tied into any contract makes budgeting much easier. Of course these are just our views – each to their own.

So – feel free to browse our range of unlocked/ SIM Free mobiles »» here «« or get in touch with us on 0800 652 4949 for more information – some of our phones are brand new – many are refurbished and covered by full certification and 12 month warranty – but no contract!

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