As with all electronic equipment things go wrong and sometimes the weakest link in the chain is an accessory – in the case of telephones there are a few accessories that from time to time cause issues and may well need replacing.

A cordless telephone relies on the following parts ( in addition to the base station and handsets ) to function.

PSU – Power Supply – Adaptors

Both the base station and any additional handsets require power in order to charge the handsets and make connection wirelessly, these can, in some instances, overheat or just give up the ghost.
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Line Cords – Curly Cables:

These provide connection from phone line to the base station itself – it is worth considering that these cords vary from product to product so before replacing one of these. These are one of the most commonly replaced parts on a home phone as it is very easy to break or damage a cable and, from our experience these get melted in various scenarios and often are chewed upon by family pets. We reccomend calling us on 0800 652 4949 if you need one of these.


Cordless Phones require a battery in them in order to power connection to the base station (commonly standard batteries such as AA or AAA, though some will use bespoke battery packs ) – as will all batteries their power will degrade over time, leading to shorter standby time and less available talk time. As consumables one should expect to replace batteries every year or so.
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Charging Pods

Charging Pods tend not to break or go wrong as they are particularly simple pieces of kit, but we do often find people who want a spare one, say if they take their handset elsewhere in the house or garden it could be useful to have a spare charging station for your telephone in a useful position – in the shed for instance.
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So – we have gone through our stock and made available to you a great and whoelsome selction of telephone spare parts and accessories – as we have large stock of all sorts, if you can not find what ou are looking for give us a call on 0800 652 4949 or email us on