There are, as we are sure that you are aware a startling variety of cordless home phones available from a myriad of manufacturers.
In their basest format they consist of a base station which charges a handset and is connected to a phone line and a handset which communicates via DECT (1.9Ghz) with the base.
They typically boast up to a 300m range from the base – though this is compromised by walls and floors.
They provide clear and easy telephone calls with the freedom to wander around the home. The telephones are also expandable – meaning that one can add further additional handsets to the base station.

Well naturally the families of cordless phones have evolved and now come with the sort of features that we have come to expect from a gadget such as a smartphone with an array of all singing and dancing functionality – but here we are looking at a basic and honest cordless phone – the Gigaset A415A its the sort of phone which should say “does what it says on the box”.
Moreover one can put a lot of faith in the build and reliability of anything made my Gigaset – they have championed the way in eco friendly green cordless phones with their recyclable packaging, minimal harmful materials and low power consumption telephones and, of course abide by the German manufacturing ethos of making things which last and work well.


Well, with the Gigaset A415A you can get a superbly designed, yet basic, cordless phone for a very cheap price.
It has an integral digital answer machine and a phone book which holds up to 100 names and numbers, it is easy to use with nice, well spaced and clearly marked buttons and has a large (1.8 inch) LCD Screen which is clearly legible in many lighting conditions.
The A415A has a few other functions but that is not what this phone is all about.

The A415A Phone by Gigaset is a simple to operate, cheap and reliable cordless phone perfect for those not requiring a colour screen or SMS texting from their landline. Ideal for someone who wants a …. telephone.

Gigaset A415a Review Video

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