Last year Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 -a flagship mobile phone that promised the earth to kill the iPhone and firmly establish Samsung as the premier smartphone manufacturer in the world.

However – those of us who read the news will know that it was a disaster, and that is being gentle.
Soon after launch the media was awash with stories of overheating, leading to meltdowns and even fully fledged explosions and fire. At first Samsung denied these claims ( and some suspected that iPhone./ Apple fans had a conspiracy in coon the go ); but slowly and surely it emerged that there was indeed a serious issue.
This was followed by a recall from Samsung and a subsequent relaunch followed by another ( egg on face ) recall that put an end to the note for good.

So – in a story followed by millions and costing billions Samsung retreated and wondered what they could do to salvage the situation…

In fact it was not as bad as it could have been – the way in which Samsung reacted was lauded in many quarters and the way in which it reacted internally to the technological issues has, some might say, guaranteed that they will in the future be the safest manufacturers in the marketplace.

So, what would Samsung do next…? Well we have it in our hands ( metaphorically speaking ) now – it is the Samsung Galaxy S8 ( following up on the S7 and S7 edge with aplomb yet dropping the Note nomenclature for some reason.


Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S8

We need to nail down the spec first before mentioning the more ethereal qualities of the phone itself , so here goes:

  • SCREEN – 5.8” Screen with a resolution of 1440x2960px ( 570ppi )
  • CAMERA – 12 megapxels
  • RAM – 4GB
  • BATTERY – 3000mAh
  • OS – Android 7.0
  • STORAGE – 64gb – optional up to additional 256gb via memory card

That is the basics, but as Jeremy Clarkson would say – you have to drive it to find out what it is really like..

So we did…

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is, without doubt a stunning phone giving the impression of beauty when first encountered. It is sturdily built and feels smaller than its near 6 inch screen. The S8’s battery easily lasts all day with a decent amount of use. Photos are clear and well formed and it comes with both a fingerprint scanner and an iris scanner ( the ultimate in ID according to the CIA ( I asked ). The battery supports fast charging protocol 2.0

Samsung Galaxy S8 Colour Options

The Galaxy S8 is available in the following exotically named colours:

  • Midnight Black
  • Orchid Gray
  • Arctic Silver
  • Coral Blue
  • Maple Gold

These two word colours can equally well be described with the omission of the initial word.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a phone to rival any of its predecessors whilst blowing its contemporary rivals out of the air. It looks great and without such a massive customisation as we have seen in previous Samsung ROMs it responds to all requests with alacrity.

If you have had Android phones before you just have to try this – if you are using an iPhone – man you don’t know what you are missing…

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Video

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